War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0250 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.

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of Lebanon. The commanding general, regarding this as an example of valor too brilliant to be passed over cursorily, directs that you transmit a copy of the order herewith to the War Department, with letter of transmittal.

In addition to Zagonyi's 150 of the Guard, Major White had joined him about 180 mounted men, and orders had been sent to Colonel Wyman to detach Major Wright's battalion of rangers from Avis Plins, to co-operate with him. Other dispositions of Wright's men, and the celerity with which Zagonyi moved, prevented immediate junction with him. Sigel's division and force at headquarters move in now to occupy Springfield.



A. A. A. G.


A. A. G., Saint Louis, Mo.



Yost's Station, Mo., October 26, 1861.

By order of the general commanding, the following dispatches from the brave Major Zagonyi are published, that all may know how much of success to the cause of the country may be accomplished by discipline and good conduct, viz:


October 25, 1861 - 11.30 a. m.

GENERAL: The information on which I can rely is that Wednesday evening 1,500 men came into Springfield, and that at present there are not less than 1,800 or 1,900 men. I march forward, and will try what I can do. At the same time I would be thankful if some re-enforcement could come after me. Should I be successful, I need them for guard; should I be defeated, to have some troops to fall back with my workout command. I will report shortly again.

With high respect,


Major, Commanding Body-Guard.

Major-General FREMONT, Commanding.


October 26, 1861 - 1 a. m.

GENERAL: I report respectfully, that yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock I met in Springfield about 2,000 or 2,200 of the rebels in their camp, formed in line of battle. They gave me a very warm reception - warmer than I expected. But your Guard, with one feeling, made a charge, and in less than 3 minutes the 2,000 or 2,200 men were perfectly routed by 150 men of the Body-Guard. We cleared out the city perfectly or every rebel, and raised the Union flag on the court-house. It getting too dark, I concluded to leave the city, not being able to keep it with 150 men. Major White's men did not participate in the charge.

Allow me, general, to make you acquainted with the behavior of the soldiers and officers. I have seen charges, but such brilliant unanimity and bravery I have never seen and did not expect it. Their was cry, "Fremont and the Union," broke forth as thunder. Our loss comparatively small. I expected to remain on the field with them all. I will write about particulars.

With the highest respect, your obedient servant,


Major, Commanding Body-Guard.

Major-General FREMONT.

By order of Major-General Fremont:


Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.