War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0246 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.

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OCTOBER 16, 1861. - Skirmish near Linn Creek, Mo.

Report of Major Clark Wright, Fremont Battalion of Missouri Cavalry.


October 17, 1861.

GENERAL: At 4.30 o'clock p. m. one of my men came into camp and reported one corn team and two of my men captured by secesh, himself escaping to bring in the news only by his superior strength. I immediately ordered Lieutenant Kirby, with 15 men, to follow the rebels, and engage them at all hazards, and if possible retake our men. I also detailed Captain Crockett with 15 others to flank them on the right, and if possible cut off their retreat, and engage them until I could come up with the reserve. I asked Major Bowen for one company to from a reserve, which request the major granted, and responded so promptly at the head of the reserve, I hastily set out for the field. On my arrival there I found that Lieutenant Kirby had overtaken and engaged 45 rebels, dispersing them in all directions, releasing our team and men who were prisoners, and driving the enemy 5 miles from the point of attack, killing 5 rebels (found), wounded 1 severely (captain), and manyh others escaped, bleeding; capturing 1 horse, 2 saddles, and 10 guns. Our loss none [killed]; wounded, 1 slightly.

The whole party under Lieutenant Kirby acted promptly and bravely. As evidence of their promptness, only seven minutes elapsed from the receipt of the news by the courier until the lieutenant with 15 men and orders were filing around the point of bluff to charge the enemy. I desire to call your especial attention to Lieutenant Kirby, who at all times is prompt, energetic, and brave, and ever at his post. I appended a list of killed, so far as they are brown to me:

John W. Candy, from Buffalo, Dallas County, belongs to Jones' command; First Lieutenant Fountain Maysfield, Dallas County; Camelite Preache Murline, Dallas County; 3 others unknown. Severely wounded, George Miller, Dallas County, school commissioner.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, Commanding Fremont Battalion of Cavalry.

Acting Brigadier-General WYMAN.

OCTOBER 16, 1861. - Descent on Lexington, Mo., by U. S. Troops.

Report of Major Frank J. White, A. D. C., commanding First Squadron Prairie Scouts.


Quincy, Mo., October 24, 1861.

On the 5th instant I received your orders to organize a scouting cavalry squadron for special service, and organized one by making the following details: Company L, First Missouri Cavalry, Captain Charles Fairbanks, 65 men; Company C, First Missouri Cavalry, Captain P. Kehoe, 65 men; the Irish Dragoons, independent, 51 men. We left Jefferson City on the 5th instant, and after a severe march reached Georgetown, our men in good condition, on the afternoon of the 8th. Our horses being