War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0241 Chapter X. SKIRMISHERS NEAR CLINTONVILLE, MO., ETC.

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fire on the enemy. After firing two volleys they retreated and took a position on a hill, which, being covered with trees, concealed the movements of the enemy. At this time Major Wright made his appearance on the field, and with his command filed to the right of the hill, on which the enemy were in position. I with my command advanced on the front and left, when we discovered a small body of the enemy in retreat. Company A, being in advance, fired upon them, and they broke into confusion, and the whole force retreated towards Lebanon, and we pursued them some 8 or 10 miles. The loss of the enemy was 12 killed, 17 wounded, and 8 prisoners. Among them was William W. Summers, called colonel.


Major, Commanding First Battalion Cavalry.

Acting Brigadier General WYMAN, Commanding.

OCTOBER 14, 1861 - Affair at Linn Creek, Mo.


No. 1. - Colonel John B. Wyman, Thirteenth Illinois Infantry,.

No. 2. - Major Clark Wright, Fremont Battalion (Missouri) Cavalry.

Numbers 1. Report of Colonel John B. Wyman, Thirteenth Illinois Infantry.


Linn Creek, October 15, 1861.

GENERAL: I have the honor to report that I broke camp yesterday morning 24 miles southeast of this point at 6.30 a. m., and moved the column in the following order: Major C. Wright, commanding Fremont Battalion, in advance, followed immediately by his own transportation. Then the Thirteenth Regiment Illinois Volunteers, Lieutenant-Colonel Gorgas, commanding, with his own and the commissary transportation, the rear being brought up by Major Bowen, commanding the battalion attached to the Thirteenth Regiment.

Before making the move I had ordered Major Wright to prevent any and all parties from preceding him, and to enter this place at a charge and secure all who might be found in it. How well he executed my orders I leave you to judge by inclosing a copy of his own gap his account of the affair. In closing this report I beg to say that I am much embarrassed with the prisoners I have now in keeping (88), all or nearly all of whom are guilty of high treason, and unless I soon receive orders from you I shall send then to Rolla with sufficient escort, with orders to Colonel Dodge to put them at work upon the fortifications there or send them to Saint Louis. I also take occasion to add that the over at this pint is at a height stage of water, rendering it difficult to cross with my train, it being at least the work of three days and nights, and consequently am anxiously awaiting your orders.

I am, general, respectfully and obediently yours,


Act. Brigadier General First Brigadier, First Div., Western Dept.

Major-General HUNTER.