War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0221 Chapter X. SKIRMISHERS NEAR CLINTONVILLE, MO., ETC.

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No. 12. Report of Colonel C. E. Hovey, Thirty-third Illinois Infantry, of engagement at Fredericktown.

The entire regiment, consisting of eight companies present when the action began, participated. They were first stationed as a reserve in the grove to the right (westward) of the conflict, and after 10 minutes the regiment was ordered to flank the enemy's left. Moved henceforth on the double-quick. Coming near the troops actually engaged, the regiment was separated into its wings by order of Colonel Hovey. The second, under Major Roe, following the first, under the colonel, at a distance of 100 yards en echelon, passed rapidly up to the enemy's left by front and occasional flank movements until Company A was near enough to engage the enemy. The company was then detached as skirmishers, by order of Colonel Carlin, of the Illinois Thirty-eighth. Came within range, but Colonel Carlin, mistaking the enemy for Federal troops restrained the fire. Company C was also detached for the same purpose, but the rapid retreat of the enemy prevented their getting within reach of our muskets. The whole regiment had arrived in good order near the point when the pursuit ended, when the rout was perfect as to end all prospects. Aggregate number of men engaged, 507; missing, none.


Colonel Thirty-third Illinois Volunteers.

No. 13. Report of Colonel Conrad Baker, First Indiana Cavalry, of engagement at Fredericktown.

FREDERICKTOWN, October 22, 1861.

DEAR SIR: In the action of yesterday my regiment, consisting of parts of eight companies, was station behind the hill, to the right of our artillery, until the order to charge was given. Your order was that four companies of my command should pursue and charge the enemy, then supposed to be in full retreat. Major Gavitt requested me to allow him to execute the order, to which I assented, and told him to select the four companies himself wherewith to execute it. He selected the companies of Captain Highman, Captain Walker, Captain Pace (commanded by Lieutenant Mellon), and Captain Browe, and formed them in the order here stated, the company of Captain Highman being in advance. After the four companies had moved forward, with Major gavitt at their head, I determined to accompany them myself, and reached the head of the column just as the charge was about to be made. The enemy were in ambush in the woods on the left-hand side of the road down which the column was moving, and also behind a fence at the turn of the road, and nearly in front of the head of the column, and opened a cross-fire upon the companies in advance. This fire checked to some extent the companies of Captain Highman and Captain Walker, and I immediately went back to bring up a portion of the infantry belonging to Colonel Plummer's command, and at the same time Major Wood and Captain Walker reformed the column, with Captain Walker's company in front,