War of the Rebellion: Serial 003 Page 0002 OPERATIONS IN MO., ARK., KANS., AND IND. T. Chapter X.

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July 24, 1861.-Action at Blue Mills, Mo.

25, 1861.-Major General John C. Fremont, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Western Department.

Skirmish at Dug Springs, Mo.

15-27, 1861.-Skirmish at Harrisonville, Mo.

26, 1861.-Skirmish at McCulla's Store, Mo.

28, 1861.-New Madrid, Mo., occupied by Confederate troops.

29, 1861.-Brigadier General John Pope, U. S. Army, assumes command in Northern Missouri.

August 1, 1861.-Skirmish at Edina, Mo.

2, 1861.-Reconnaissance from Ironton to Centreville, Mo.

2, 1861.-Skirmish at Dug Springs, Mo.

3, 1861.-Skirmish at McCulla's Store, Mo.

5, 1861.-Skirmish at Athens, Mo.

7-10, 1861.-Expedition to Price's Landing, Commerce, Benton, and Hamburg, Mo.

8, 1861.-Brigadier General U. S. Grant, U. S. Army, assumes command of the District of Ironton, Mo.

10, 1861.-Battle of Oak Hills, Springfield, or Wilson's Creek, Mo.

Skirmish at Potosi, Mo.

11, 1861.-Affair at Hamburg, Mo.

14, 1861.-Martial law declared in Saint Louis, Mo.

15, 1861.-Expedition to Saint Genevieve, Mo.

16, 1861.-Expedition to Frederictown, Mo.

16-21, 1861.-Operations around Kirksville, Mo.

17, 1861.-Affairs at Hunnewell and Palmyra, Mo.

Skirmish at Brunswick, Mo.

19, 1861.-Skirmish at Klapsford, Mo.

Skirmish at Charleston, Mo.

20, 1861.-Skirmish at Fish Lake, Mo.

Attack on railroad train near Lookout Station, Mo.

21-22, 1861.-Skirmishes at Jonesboroguh, Mo.

23, 1861.-Skirmish at Medoc, Mo.

28, 1861.-Skirmish at Ball's MIlls, Mo.

28-September 5, 1861.-Operations in Southeastern Missouri.

29, 1861.-Skirmish at Morse's Mills, Mo.

30, 1861.-"Emancipation Proclamation," issued by General Fremont.

30-September 7, 1861.-Operations in Northeastern Missouri.

1, 1861.-Brigadier-General Grant, U. S. Army, assumes command in South-eastern Missouri.

Skirmish at Benningth's Mills, Mo.

Skirmish near Fort Scott, Kans.

1-3, 1861.-Expeditions through Jefferson County, Mo.

2, 1861.-The Stare of Arkansas and all military operations in Missouri placed under the command of Major General Leonidas Polk, commanding Confederate Department Numbers 2.

Action at Dry Wood Creek, Mo.

Expeditions toward Columbia and Iberia, Mo.

Skirmish at Dallas, Mo.

3, 1861.-Columbus and Hickman, Ky., occupied by Confederate forces.*

4, 1861.-Engagement at Hickman and Columbus, Ky.

Action at Shelbina, Mo.

5, 1861.-Skirmish at Papinsville, Mo.

6, 1861.-Paducah, Ky., occupied by U. S. forces.*

Skirmish at Monticello Bridge, Mo.


*For reports, see Chap. XII of this series.