War of the Rebellion: Serial 002 Page 0833 Chapter IX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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ments. Also full equipments for three hundred cavalry, and an additional light battery more than those called for in my last. Make this the depot for the northwest. Grafton should be occupied at once. Colonel J. M. Bennett will deliver this to you, and give important information respecting the northwest. The quartermaster, Mr. John A. Harman, of this post, should not be removed, if it can possibly be avoided. Please have him appointed and retained, if practicable. I had difficulty in inducing him to remain; but, if the appointment be sent to him, I think he will continue here.

Please to forward the arms at once, and all troops and supplies destined for Harper's Ferry. I respectfully request they may be sent at once. Have no fear of this place being surprised.

Your most obedient servant,


Colonel, Virginia Volunteers, Commanding.


Adjutant-General's Office, May 11, 1861.

Upon the occurrence of any emergency, which in his judgment may require it, or upon the order of Major-General Lee, General-in-Chief, Major Benjamin S. Ewell, of the active volunteer force, is authorized to call out any portion of the militia of the line or the volunteers of the Sixty-eighth Regiment, James City, for the protection of defense of the county. He will please report to General Lee what number and description of additional arms may be necessary for the purpose.

By command:





Numbers 9.

Fredericksburg, Va., May 11, 1861.

I. In conformity with instructions from the headquarters of Virginia forces, volunteer companies of infantry and riflemen will be received into the service of the State for the period of one year from April 25, 1861, from the counties of Richmond, Northumberland, and Lancaster, preparatory to instruction, at or near the court-houses of the respective counties, or such other points as my be designated; and also companies of volunteers, organized and armed as above specified, will be received in the counties of Essex and Middlesex for the same period of service, for instruction, in the vicinity of Tappahannock and Urbana. Companies of volunteer artillery and cavalry already organized, armed, and equipped according to law will be reported by their captains in person or by mail directly to these headquarters for special instructions.

II. The companies of volunteers presenting themselves are expressly enjoined to conform in every essential particular in their organization, armament, and equipment to the requirements stated in the instructions for mustering volunteers into service, from Inspector-General Baldwin, dated April 30, 1861, for which application may be made directly to the inspector-general of the State or to the inspector at these headquarters. As companies are reported organized by their captains at these headquarters, or at such other points as may be designated, an