War of the Rebellion: Serial 002 Page 0819 Chapter IX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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thus to effect a contemporaneous arrival at Manassas Junction. This necessary absence of the assistant adjutant-general from these headquarters, together with the yet unorganized state of the general staff and the inexperience of many of the captains of many of the companies, will yet cause some delay in making regular army returns.

I beg, however, that the general-in-chief will have collated from my dispatches and reports from the beginning the information therein imparted in this connection, and which may thus furnish him with an approximate estimate and exhibit at last of the available forces heretofore and now at my command.

In order to facilitate the accomplishment of this object, I will here briefly indicate from the best sources I possess the present character and disposition of what available for I have. (See statement inclosed.)

Very respectfully,


Brigadier-General, Commanding Potomac Department.



Culpeper Court-House, May 8, 1861.

Company E, Sixth Battalion, Captain S. H. Devaughn, 100 men in all, 50 muskets, 58 caliber; no ammunition.

Company H, Sixth Battalion, Captain M. Marye, 69 men in all, 50 muskets, 58 caliber; no ammunition; in Alexandria now.

Company G, Sixth Battalion, Lieutenant A. Herber, 88 men in all, 54 muskets, 69 caliber; no ammunition; in Alexandria now.

Company, Fairfax Rifles, W. H. Dulany, captain, 51 men armed, and have 940 cartridges; Fairfax Station.

Company, Washington Volunteers, Captain Sherman, 113 men, unarmed and ununiformed; no ammunition; here.

Company, Richardson Guards, Captain J. Welsh, 80 men, 1,000 caps and cartridges and equipments; Madison Court-House.

Company, Home Guards, J. Latouche, 100 men, flint-lock muskets, caliber 69; in Alexandria; in equipments or ammunition.

Two companies, Irish, now at Manassas Junction, with altered muskets; no equipments or ammunition.

Company, Captain Porter, now here, 74 men, unarmed and unequipped; no ammunition.

Company, artillery, Captain Del. Kemper, 86 men, 4 brass 6-pounders, 35 sabers, 67 rounds fixed ammunition, and 25 loose ball; now here; part leave to-morrow for Manassas.

Company, Powell's troop of cavalry, in Alexandria, 53 men.

Company, J. Shac Green, troop of cavalry, in Amissville, 64 men; will be at Manassas to-morrow.

Company, M. Dulany Ball, troop of cavalry, equipped; now in Alexandria.

Company, W. H. Payne, troop of cavalry; now in Warrenton, holding public property.

Company, John. F. Lay, troop of cavalry; left for Manassas Junction to-day; well equipped with ammunition; several have no uniform or pistols.

Two companies in Charlottesville not yet reported.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.