War of the Rebellion: Serial 002 Page 0760 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.

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eral Banks persuaded the Sixth Massachusetts to remain till August 2. I have been to the encampment of the Twenty-second Pennsylvania, whose term expired yesterday, and the men consent to continue in service a week longer. The Thirteenth New York resolved unanimously this morning to go home to-morrow. Have just returned from their camp, and by the most urgent remonstrances and by strong appeals have induced them to stay another week.

By August 2 there will not be one of the eight first-names regiments in the annexed list left. I shall have only the last three regiments on the list remaining. I must urge the immediate re-enforcement of the troops under my command. There ought to be ten thousand men here and at Annapolis. I would not venture to respond for the quietude of the department with a smaller number.

The late reverse at Manassas has brought out manifestations of a most hostile and vindictive feeling in Annapolis, as well as in Baltimore Major-General Banks, on the evening of my arrival here, asked, at my suggestion, for four hundred cavalry. They would, for the special service required, be equal to a full regiment of infantry. I hope they may be furnished without delay. It is understood that a regiment of cavalry leaves New York to-morrow. Can I have a detachment of three or four companies from this regiment, with a field officer?

I will see to the immediately protection of the bridges in all directions. The Sixth New York, at Annapolis and the Junction, has been in service more than three months. It was put on duty in detachments on its arrival at Annapolis, and was not mustered for a month afterwards. The men are dissatisfied, and to some extent demoralized. They might be willing to remain if they could be sent to Washington and another regiment substituted for them. They contend that their term of service is ended now.

I understand there is a Home Guard in Philadelphia. Could it not be put on the bridges between that city and Baltimore? It would, no doubt, be sent on at the request of the Secretary of War.

I am, very respectfully, yours,


Major-General, Commanding.


Colonel Designation Where stationed Time expires

William D. Eighteenth Federal Hill July 24, 1861

Lewis Pennsylvania

Peter Lyle Nineteenth Near Fort July 27, 1861

Pennsylvania McHenry

T. G. Twenty-Second Mount Calre July 23, 1861

Morehead Pennsylvania Station

Abel Smith Thirteenth New West Baltimore July 25, 1861

York Militia street

J. S. Sixth New York Annapolis & August 19,

Pinckney Militia Junction 1861

George W. Twentieth New Petterson Park July 23, 1861

Pratt York Militia

Lieutenant Second New Bladensburg

Colonel Jersey

Abraham Spear

Edward F. Sixth Relay House July 22, 1861

Jones Massachusetts

Edward W. Eighth West Baltimore July 30, 1861

Hinks Massachusetts street

Major Cook Massachusetts Mount Clare July 20, 1861

bat. of light Station


Captain Second Mount Clare Very recently

Creager Maryland* Station mustered into


Captain Third Fort McHenry July 19, 1861

Sprague Battalion

Mass. Rifles

---- Roberts First Mount Clare 1864

Pennsylvania Station

Robert G. Fourth Mount Clare 1864

Marsh Pennsylvania Station

Halbert E. Fourth Mount Clare 1864

Paine Wisconsin Station


*The Second Maryland, not being completely organized, is not referred to in the foregoing letter.