War of the Rebellion: Serial 002 Page 0658 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.

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(four regular and one volunteer) and six infantry regiments, and four not accoutered. At York and Lancaster two regiments each, not accoutered. These will be at once collected in Chambersburg. A regiment at New Castle and one at Baltimore will soon follow. The troops in New York Harbor are ordered on.

I shall to-morrow evening be in Chambersburg, and shall lose no time to complete arrangements and sent forward the command, as indicated in my letter to Major-General Keim, a copy of which is inclosed. All the troops are anxious to be on the move and to see their foe-a desire which shall soon be gratified. I will inform you when I shall move in time to permit the General-in-Chief to make the demonstration indicated.

I am much gratified to know the General-in-Chief will provide some artillery.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.



Philadelphia, May 29, 1861.

Major General W. H. KEIM,

Commanding U. S. Forces, Chambersburg, Pa.:

GENERAL: The commanding general instructs me to give you in his name the following information and directions:

A movement, as soon as the force is prepared, will be made to Hagerstown, for the purpose of establishing beyond an encampment as the base of future operations. You are relied upon to organize and hold ready for instant movement those regiments which are prepared to move and face an enemy, and now gathering at Chambersburg, in the following manner:

1. A column of cavalry and three regiments of well-drilled infantry, to march from Chambersburg to Hagerstown. This column to be under the command of Colonel George H. Thomas, Second Cavalry, U. S. Army.

2. A second column, to be commanded by Brigadier-General Whilliams, to follow next day on foot, or by rail, if circumstances demand.

3. A third brigade, to go by rail, and to land in Hagerstown just after arrival of Colonel Thomas' brigade. If the second brigade goes by rail, the third, wholly or in part, will be pushed to Hagerstown as rapidly as transportation will permit.

4. A fourth brigade, composed of the other regiments, will be pushed by regiment to Hagerstown as soon as prepared and transportation (rail) can be procured.

Colonel Thomas, with his cavalry from Carlisle, will arrive at Chambersburg on Friday. Direct the regimental commanders to report at once.

Wagon transportation is being prepared at Harrisburg and will be pushed to Chambersburg, and the train organized by A. R. Eddy, assistant quartermaster. Captain Eddy will have charge of the quartermaster's department at Chambersburg, and transfer the depot to Hagerstown as the forces are located.

Captain B. Du Barry, Subsistence Department, at Harrisburg, will provide for your present depot, and you are desired to see that each regiment has when it moves at least three days' provisions.