War of the Rebellion: Serial 002 Page 0647 Chapter IX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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but without them the men lack confidence in each other and inflict severe injuries.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.

P. S.-If Colonel Hale's offer be accepted I shall at once equip the Twelfth and Thirteenth Regiments, at York; Eighth and Tenth, at Chambersburg; Fourteenth and Fifteenth, at Lancester; and Twentieth and Twenty-first, at Philadelphia, from those accouterments, to be supplied the first of next week by Lieutenant Treadwell.


Pennsylvania Volunteers.-One regimental Woodberry, Md., complete, except tents; two regiments at York, all ready for service; three regiments at York, tents by 27th, no accouterments; three regiments at Chambersburg, tents by 27th, accouterments by 30th; * three regiments at Philadelphia, no accouterments, rest ready by 25th; two regiments at Lancester, no accouterments, rest ready by 25th; two regiments at West Chester, no accouterments, rest ready by 25th, except clothing, very deficient; one regiment at Havre de Grace and one at Elkton and Perryville, all ready for service by replacing them at their posts by Delaware Volunteers; one company cavalry at Philadelphia, provided with nothing.

Delaware Volunteers.-One regiment at Wilmington, deficient in clothing; two companies only with accouterments, in other respects ready.

NOTE.-May 23, General Patterson ordered two regiments, marked * above, to camp of instruction at Suffolk Park; the regiments at Havre de Grace and Perryville to go into camp at those places.


Major F. J. PORTER,

A. A. G., Hdqrs. Dep't of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.:

SIR: In answer to your letter of to-day I have the honor to state, for the information of the general commanding, that only two thousand two hundred and ninety-nine sets of round-ball accouterments are to be received from the Philadelphia manufacturers. I will be able to equip the Seventh Regiment, at Chambersburg, to-morrow, and the Eighth and Tenth Regiments probably early next week.

As I have no further orders for accouterments to give out, my further supply will be derived from Newark, from a contract recently made to deliver twenty thousand sets at this arsenal, dated May 15, at the rate of eight hundred or more sets per week, the first delivery to be made in ten days from date of contract. I will also receive from the Philadelphia makers eight thousand five hundred sets of elongated-ball accouterments, and will be able to equip regiments requiring these at the rate of about three thousand sets per week. I have communicated with the Newark contractor for twenty thousand, requiring him to deliver first five thousand sets of round ball accouterments, and requesting him to send here as soon as possible any of this or any other kind he may have ready. Three thousand sets of round-ball accouterments, ordered to Washington Arsenal, have delayed the supplying of the Pennsylvania