War of the Rebellion: Serial 002 Page 0638 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.

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vanians to re-enforce him. He had occupied Baltimore without my knowledge, and was equally without authority in his call for Pennsylvania troops.


WASHINGTON, May 15, 1861.

JOHN TUCKER, General Agent of Transportation:

SIR: Your communication of the 13th is received, and its recommendations generally approved.

The importance of keeping the line of transportation open via Perryville and Annapolis, in case of emergency, is fully recognized and admitted by the Department. At the same time, it is thought best to recommend that the number of propellers on that route be reduced to the lowest number warranted by the circumstances. It is not probable that the route will be employed for transportation of Government stores at present. In view of this you are directed to employ the Central Railroad of New Jersey and the Camden and Amboy routes in forwarding stores, munitions, &c., to this point and intermediate points from New York. The capacity of those routes will doubtless prove equal to the ordinary demands, should the route via Baltimore remain unobstructed. The work will also be accomplished with greater dispatch, as well as with a great reduction of expense to the Government, as you suggest.

Thanking you for the promptness and conciseness of your report, very truly yours,


Secretary of War.

WASHINGTON, May 15, 1861.

Brevet Brigadier-General CADWALADER:

SIR: This department is much in want of more troops for defensive purposes. After retaining a reasonable force for the occupation of Baltimore (independent of Fort McHenry), the Relay House, the Junction, and Annapolis, as also for holding and protecting the railroads between those points and Bladensburg, you will send the whole surplus within your command to this place. It is supposed that four regiments will amply suffice and the Department of Annapolis for the foregoing objects.

The headquarters of the Department of Annapolis may be, upon notice, changed by the commander from and to the principal points therein, who will report on the sufficiency of the number of troops suggested above.

I write by command of Lieutenant-General Scott.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.

WASHINGTON, D. C., May 15, 1861.

To Brevet Major-General CADWALADER,

Or Commanding General of Baltimore:

If Brevet Major-General Cadwalader be in Baltimore with regiments of Pennsylvanians, let him halt there them and relieve Brigadier-