War of the Rebellion: Serial 002 Page 0620 OPERATIONS IN MD., PA., VA., AND W. VA. Chapter IX.

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Grace or Elkton, with Sherman's battery of horse artillery, as you may direct.

My wish is that these regulars shall head any movement that may be made, by land or water, from your side upon Baltimore.

The temper of Maryland, which a few days ago seemed to have undergone a very favorable change, is now believed to have suffered a relapse, that makes the movement of the six regular companies alone, by the old mail road from the Susquehanna to Baltimore, as was at first intended, hazardous, if not entirely unsafe, without a large addition of volunteers.

You will therefore hold the battalion of regulars, with the necessary addition of volunteers, ready for the combined movement from the other points (heretofore indicated), which I shall order in a few days upon Baltimore, if the route through the city be not sooner voluntarily opened.

On your par, I give you the choice to move by land or water; in the latter case, letting Brigadier-General Butler, who has his water craft ready, know the day on which your commander will be ready to meet and consult him in Patapsco Bay.

You will also let Lieutenant-Colonel Porter, on the York road, know the probable time your commander may be expected to approach the eastern side of the city, leaving the western for General Butler's approach. Let Brigadier-General Butler and Lieutenant Colonel Porter, as well as myself, know the morning you may appoint for the movement from your side.

I have just ordered Brigadier-General Butler to occupy and support a strong post at the Relay House, on the Patapsco, beginning with a regiment of volunteers. That regiment shall be instructed to take a part in the combined movement.

Exact time must be observed on all sides, to be regulated by prompt intercommunications.

Send the New Jersey regiments here, and we shall want for the capital seven more.

With high respect, yours, truly,


P. S.-Again, another change of temper on the part of Maryland in favor of the Union and a corresponding one in these instructions.

A member of the Cabinet, present at the interview of commissioners (sent by the legislature at Frederick) with the Presicent this morning, reports that the commissioners declare maryland ready to return to her duty towards the Union; consequently, I ask you to add Pratt's company, from Mackinc, to the six other companies of regulars, mentioned above, and hold them ready to move through Baltimore on the shortest notice.


Philadelphia, Pa., May 4, 1861.

MAJOR: I have to report that the arms issued to the regiments under my command are totally unfit for service.

I inclose letters from three commanding officers of regiments under my command, viz: from Colonel F. E. Patterson, Colonel W. D. Lewis, jr., and Colonel P. Lyle, upon this subject. I have also verbal reports to the same effect from Colonels Dare and Morehead, and I am satisfied, from my own examination, that the fact is as stated. I have further to report that these arms came under an invoice to General r. Patterson, dated