War of the Rebellion: Serial 002 Page 0509 Chapter IX] THE BULL RUN CAMPAIGN.

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RICHMOND, VA., October 30, 1861.

Colonel JAMES CHESNUT, Camden, S. C.:

MY DEAR SIR: I beg that you will as promptly as possible send me a statement of a communication made to me by yourself on or about July 13 last, as aide of General Beauregard, in relation to any proposed plan of battle or campaign. Iask this because I have had my attention directed to a synopsis in the newspapers of General Beauregarg's report so entirely at variance with the facts as they occurred that I think it well to recur to your recollection of the massage brought by you from the general.

I am, very truly, your friend,


CAMDEN, S. C., November 9, 1861.


DEAR SIR: I have this morning received your letter of the 15th [30] ultimo,* and, according to your request, reply at once, although you will not get [it] as promptly as I desire, as to-morrow, being Sunday, no mail leaves this place.

Your ask me to recur to my recollection and send you a statement of a communication which, as aide to General Beauregard, I made to you on or about July 13, last, "in relation to any proposed plan of battle or campaign."

On Saturday night or Sunday morning of July 14 last, about midnight I received a message from General Beauregard, requesting my attendance at his room. I immediately remained thither, and learned from him that he had formed a plan of campaign which he desirer to lay before the President, and requested me to undertake the duty.

About 6 o'clock of the same morning I left headquarters and arrived in Richmond in the afternoon of the same day, several hours beyond the usual time of arrival. I had two interviews with you that day, one in the afternoon and another in company with other persons during the evening. Remaining Monday for the completion of my mission, I returned to camp at Manassas of Tuesday following. Immediately after reaching headquarters of General Beauregard I made to him verbally a full report of all things touching the subject-matter with which I had been charged.

On Thursday, July 18 last, while we were preparing for the field, the general in person directed me to make at once a written report of the same matter. This I did, and handed it to the assistant adjutant general, Colonel Jordan, who field it for information of the general commanding, when I left the camp to joined the general on the battle-field. I think the written report bears date of the verbal report, say July 15 last, and I am sure is accurate and full to the points in question, according to the freshness of my recollection at the time. I will ask you, however, to write to General Beauregard requesting a copy of the report, as I myself will do.

In the mean time and now I will state to you my recollection of the interview and of the contents of the reports. I am sure the two will be found identical in substance, however they vary in phraseology. I stated to General Beauregard that when I arrived in Richmond I re-


* See also Davis to Chesnut, November 11, p. 513.