War of the Rebellion: Serial 002 Page 0301 Chapter IX. THE BULL RUN CAMPAIGN.

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Numbers 22. Lieutenant Stephen C. Lyford, U. S. Dragoons.

Numbers 23. Lieutenant Edward B. Hill, First U. S. Artillery.

Numbers 24. Lieutenant William D. Fuller, Third U. S. Artillery.

Numbers 25. Colonel William T. Sherman, Thirteenth U. S. Infantry, commanding Third Brigade, First Division.

Numbers 26. Captain James Kelly, Sixty-ninth New York Militia.

Numbers 27. Captain Romeyn B. Ayres, Fifth U. S. Artillery.

Numbers 28. Colonel Israel B. Richardson, Second Michigan Infantry, commanding Fourth Bridge, First Division.

Numbers 29. Bvt. Major Henry J. Hunt, Second U. S. Artillery.

Numbers 30. Lieutenant John Edward, Third U. S. Artillery.

Numbers 31. Colonel David Hunter, Third U. S. Cavalry, commanding Second Division.

Numbers 32. Colonel Andrew Porter, Sixteenth U. S. Infantry, commanding Second Division and First Brigade, Second Division.

Numbers 33. Colonel George Lyons, Eighth New York Militia.

Numbers 34. Major J. J. Bartlett, Twenty-seventh New York Infantry.

Numbers 35. Major George Sykes, Fourteenth U. S. Infantry, commanding battalion.

Numbers 36. Major John. G. Reynolds, U. S. Marine Corps, commanding battalion.

Numbers 37. Major Innis N. Palmer, Second U. S. Cavalry, commanding battalion.

Numbers 38. Captain Charles Griffin, Fifth U. S. Artillery.

Numbers 39. Colonel Ambrose E. Burnside, First Rhode Island Infantry, commanding Second Brigade, Second Division.

Numbers 40. Major Joseph P. Balch, First Rhode Island Infantry.

Numbers 41. Lieutenant Colonel Frank Wheaton, Second Rhode Island Infantry.

Numbers 42. Lieutenant Colonel Frank S. Fiske, Second New Hampshire Infantry.

Numbers 43. Colonel Samuel P. Heintzelman, Seventeenth U. S. Infantry, commanding Third Division.

Numbers 44. Colonel William B. Franklin, Twelfth U. S. Infantry, commanding First Brigade, Third Division.

Numbers 45. Lieutenant Edmund Kirby, First U. S. Artillery.

Numbers 46. Colonel O. B. Willcox, First Michigan Infantry, commanding Second Brigade, Third Division.

Numbers 47. Colonel J. H. Hobart Ward, Thirty-eighth New York Infantry, commanding Second Brigade, Third Division.

Numbers 48. Major Alonzo F. Bidwell, First Michigan Infantry.

Numbers 49. Lieutenant Colonel Addison Farnsworth, Thirty- eighth New York Infantry.

Numbers 50. Captain Richard Arnold, Fifth U. A. Artillery.

Numbers 51. Colonel Oliver O. Howard, Third Maine Infantry, commanding Third Brigade, Third Division.

Numbers 52. Major Henry G. Staples, Third Maine Infantry.

Numbers 53. Colonel Hiram G. Berry, Fourth Maine Infantry.

Numbers 54. Colonel Mark H. Dunnell, Fifth Maine Infantry.

Numbers 55. Colonel Henry Whiting, Second Vermont Infantry.

Numbers 56. Colonel Dixon S. Miles, Second U. S. Infantry, commanding Fifth Division.

Numbers 57. Colonel Louis Blenker, Eighth New York Infantry, commanding First Brigade Fifth Division.

Numbers 58. Colonel Thomas A. Davies, Sixteenth New York Infantry, commanding Second Brigade, Fifth Division.

Numbers 59. Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Marsh, Sixteenth New York Infantry.

Numbers 60. Colonel Calvin E. Pratt, Thirty-first New York Infantry.

Numbers 61. Lieutenant Oliver D. Greene, Second U. S. Artillery.

Numbers 62. Colonel William R. Montgomery, First New Jersey Infantry.

Numbers 63. Findings of the Court of Inquiry on conduct of Colonel Miles.

Numbers 64. General G. T. Beauregard, commanding Confederate Army of the Potomac, of operations from July 17 to 20.