War of the Rebellion: Serial 002 Page 0289 Chapter IX. CAMPAIGN IN WEST VIRGINIA.

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oners, including two colonels and one lieutenant-colonel and two captains, and a member of the late Wheeling Convention, charged with treason. Major Duffield will personally give you details. This extraordinary war, in which the odds here are multiplied against us immensely by domestic enemies, requires absolutely an officer of high intelligence and responsibility to attend to prisoners. Rigid and harsh discipline of traitors in the Kanawha Valley and adjacent counties would fill all the jails of the trans-Alleghany. Dismissing all we can, from policy as well as necessity, still the cases are very numerous, and would require the greaser portion of my time, which is all now hard pressed upon by the enemy's army. The traitors, their most efficient allies, spies, and soldiers, too, I have turned over to Major Duffield, who, since early after my arrival, has been examining them and applying the law to their cases. This he has been assiduously and laboriously doing, without any known mode of compensating him whatever. He is not of military education, and I therefore could not promise him a staff or line appointment, which might be detailed for this duty. Indeed, we require double the number of officers we have for military duty proper, and I therefore gave mr. Duffield a special acting appointment, which he most devotedly accepted. I beg that you will authorize his appointment, fix his pay, and give him a proper rank on my staff. And there are two other descriptions of officers doing absolutely necessary service for whom there is no provision of pay-first, the engineers to locate the sites and plan the constructions of works for defense, and the scientific explorers of mountains, gorges, rivers, passes, roads, &c. For the first I have employed Colonel Adler-a Hungarian-a man of consummate ability, science, and bravery, and for the last Prof. Thomas I. L. Snead, of William and Mary, and Lieutenant J. B. Harvie, of the Provisional Army. The latter has commission in the Provisional Army and the former are treated as mere employeds. They have two parties, Adler chief of both, one headed by Snead and the other by Harvie, performing very arduous and hazardous duties. I ask authority to allow them rank, pay, and forage for horses, with pay for a limited number of assistants, say six to each party. They have strengthened us far more than all the militia called out. Another unpaid corps is that of drill officers, without whom we could not make a stand or a good run from the enemy. The companies elect their officers, the drill officers train them, and then stand off to see them paid and win honors, I hope, whilst they are fed only and transported. Lastly, Major Duffield will tel you how much we need artillery. Do send us tow rifled sixes, two 12-pounder howitzers, and allow us four small 4-pounders, which Major Duffield can select at Gosport navy-yard. The enemy knocked over one of our little iron guns, as you will see, in the late fight. We now have in all eight pieces-three brass and five superior iron guns. The enemy's artillery (rifled cannon) out fired us, doing double our execution. Welch lost his life spiking our disabled gun, thinking, poor fellow, it was to fall into the hands of the enemy, and not surviving to joy in victory. Supply us more ammunition. The force I sent to attack the enemy returned yesterday evening, having chased him to his intrenchments at Pocotaligo Mouth. He is now the, about three thousand the enemy returned yesterday evening, having chased him to his intrenchments at Pocotaligo Mouth. He is now the, about three thousand three hundred strong, awaiting re-enforcements. We are threatened by that number in the valley, by about one thousand five hundred from Ripley to Sissonville, and by forces from Weston, Glenville, and Sutton, via Summersville. If I go toward Point Pleasant they rush on Coal, on Two-Mile, and the Elk and Gualey, and if I move out of the valley in any direction with anything like an effective force, they rush in and take the valley, and if I stand they move from all sides and shut me