War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0639 Chapter VIII. REPORTS.

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and prevent a collision between the sovereign people of Arkansas and the Government troops now stationed at this point.



Governor of Arkansas and Commander-in-Chief.

Captain TOTTEN, U. S. Army, Little Rock Arsenal.

[Inclosure B.]


Little Rock, Ark., January 29, 1861.

SIR: I have to acknowledge the receipt of you communication of the 28th instant, which was handed to me this morning by your aide-de-camp, J. J. Gaines, esq., and in answer thereto, to say to your excellency that my understanding leads me to believe that the troops under my command were ordered here at the request of some of the members of Congress from this State, and several good citizens also, for what reasons, if any, I have not been apprised.

As you will readily understand, I cannot give your excellency any assurances as to what instructions may in future be issued regarding this arsenal and the Federal troops now stationed here, but I can assure you that, so far as I am informed, no orders, such as you refer to in your two propositions, have been issued, nor do I believe, privately and unofficially, that any such orders will be given by the Federal Government. I have furthermore to remind your excellency that as na officer of the Army of the United states, my allegiance is due to that Government in whose [service] I am, and that I act by its authority and permission, and until absolved from the allegiance my honor is concerned in the faithful performance of what I may conceive to be my duty.

I shall forward your communication to the Secretary of War to be laid before the President of the United States, and ask instructions relative to the matter contained in it, and, if not prohibited by these authorities, I will cheerfully inform your excellency what these instructions are.

In the mean time let me say, in conclusion, that I most cordially concur with your excellency int he desire to avoid collision between the Federal troops under my command and the citizens of Arkansas, and shall do everything in my power which an honorable man in my position can or dare do to prevent so deplorable an event.

I am, respectfully,


Captain, Second Artillery, U. S. Army.

His Excellency HENRY M. RECTOR,

Governor of Arkansas and Commander-in-Chief.

LITTLE ROCK, February 6, 1861.

I have to inform the authorities that companies of armed citizens from various section of this State have already arrived, and it is said there will soon be five thousand here for the express purpose of taking this arsenal. Instructions are urgently and immediately asked. Collision seems inevitable if this arsenal is to be held.


Captain, Second Artillery, Commanding Post.

Colonel S. COOPER, Adjutant-General U. S. Army.