War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0630 OPERATIONS IN TEXAS AND NEW MEXICO. Chapter VII.

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enable them to be of any permanent service to the country, they must have ordnance, arms, and munitions of war, and these can only be obtained through your Government.

The latest intelligence received here form the West reports that he Black Republicans have landed upon ours il, their object, no doubt, being to recapture all the forts heretofore held by the old Union, or hey design to encourage the Mexicans to commence a predatory war upon our frontier. Our position is peculiar and critical. We therefore strongly urge that the necessary orders for ordnance, arms, &c., will be immediately issued by your excellency, requiring the same to be forwarded to this place at the earliest opportunity. We have learned that at San Antonio there is an overplus of ordnance and arms, while here we have none, except what can be gathered from private sources. If the Government has no way or mode of transportation, if we receive the orders for artillery and other arms and munitions of war, the citizens of this place will furnish transportation, &c. Your earliest attention to the above will be highly appreciated by your numerous friends in this portion of Texas.

With the greatest respect, we remain yours, &c.,



OTTO T. NOESSEL et als.,

Communitte on Public Safety.


Montgomery, April 29, 1861.


Cavalry, C. S. Army, San Antonio, Tex.:

COLONEL: The governor of Texas has, in a communication to the Secretary of War, suggested the importance of defending the harbor of Indianola by the removal of some heavy guns left at Fort Clark, where they are not needed, to the former place. The Secretary of War has informed him that you will be instructed in relation tot he feasibility of removing the guns to the place assigned for their use. You will, therefore, give your attention to the subject, and communicate with his Excellency Governor Clark.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Adjutant and Inspector General.

SAN ANTONIO, TEX., May 2, 1861.


C. S. Army, Commanding Department of Texas:

COLONEL: Agreeable to my receipt from H. P. Brewster, esq., agent of the Confederate States, to receive the public property lately seized by the authorities of this State from the Government of the United States, I have made, under the instructions of the governor, this reservation: The State regiment commanded by Colonel Ford is to be furnished with camp and garrison equipage, quartermaster's stores, medical stores, transportation sufficient to place it in the field, and provision qual to the supplies I turn over. You will see by this arrangement that a