War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0626 OPERATIONS IN TEXAS AND NEW MEXICO. Chapter VII.

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Austin, Tex., April 17, 1861.


SIR: I have the honor to submit to your consideration the following facts.

On the 3rd instant Major Thomas G. Rhett, paymaster in the U.s. Army, and lately stationed at El Paso, in Texas, arrived in San Antonio.

Previous to his arrival it had been ascertained that there was in his possession a considerable amount of United States funds at the time that the United States property in Texas was surrendered to this State. According to the construction place don the stipulations entered into between General Twiggs and the commissioners of the State of Texas, it is held that money is Government property. Therefore, the authorized official of this State, acting in San Antonio, formally demanded of Major Rhett all the public funds under his control. Major Rhett complied with this demand by giving to the agent of this State an order on Judge S. Hart, of El Paso, with whom he had left all the public funds under his control, for all money subject to this (Rhett's) order. In compliance with an act of the recent legislature, all the properly in Texas lately owned by the United States. hence i have given instructions that the money received from Major Rhett remain in it present possession until disposed of by your Government.

I will direct your attention to a single fact in relation to our coast defense. The town of Indianola, at once one of the most important and most exposed of our seaboard towns, has not one piece of ordnance for its defense. Thee are at Fort Clark, distant more than two hundred miles from the sea coast, several heavy guns, which are utterly useless at that point, and which, if transported to Indianola, would enable its fortification to be rendered quite effectual.

Does not prudence suggest that the Confederate States Government issue the necessary orders for having these guns immediately conveyed to Indianola?

I have the honor to remain, your excellency's obedient servant,


Governor of Texas.

I may add that the amount to be received from Major Rhett is probably $20,000.


Montgomery, April 17, 1861.

Captain J. M. GALT, New Orleans:

Send the following order to Captain John C. Moore, in New Orleans:

"Captain Moore, of artillery, will proceed to Glaveston and plant batteries for its defense by using the 24-pounders now there and such 32-pounders as may arrive, to be put on truck carriages and hewn timber platforms behind sand-bag breastworks. Ammunition for the same orders from Baton Rouge."


Adjutant and Inspector General.