War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0624 OPERATIONS IN TEXAS AND NEW MEXICO. Chapter VII.

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There are yet seven companies hastening to the coast from the upper posts for embarkation here.

Our last advices are warlike, and it may e important for President Davis to be informed of these facts, and I accordingly write this by steamer just leaving, it being now 1 p. m. the wind is high, and likely to render embarkation impossible for several days.

Yours, very truly,


You are hereby instructed to give the orders heretofore received by you a liberal construction, and to arrest and seize all troops and stores of the United States, in transitu or otherwise, wherever found in the State on Texas, and to use for that purpose all the means of this Government which you can make available in said State.

This communication will be born by Lieutenant Major, who is specially detailed to bear dispatches to Texas.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Adjutant and Inspector General.


Montgomery, April 15, 1861.

His Excellency Governor CLARK:

SIR: This Department has been duly informed by it authorized agents in Texas, through letter bearing dare the 5th and 6th of

April, of the seizure of a train of wagons, under charge of I. Francis Davis, loaded with supplies for the troops of the United States in New Mexico, purchase din part by Pierce & Bacon, of Boston, Mass., for William S. Grant, of Tucson, N. Mex. I have to thank your excellency for your judicious and prompt action in this business. Whether the goods so seized be paid for or not by the Government at Washington does not alter the case under the state of war existing between this Government and that at Washington. They are goods for provision in the forces of the enemy, and are contraband of war. You will therefore oblige me by duly transferring this property to either one of the agents of this Department now acting in Texas, to wit: Major Maclin, acting quartermaster, Captain Muihr, and H. P. Brewster, general, agents, either one of whom is fully authorized to act in the premises.

Orders have been sent to our pooper officers in Texas to issue supplies to the troops of the Mounted Rifle Regiment as they are mustered into service.

Your excellency will please receive Lieutenant Major as the special bearer of this dispatch, and accept assurances of the high consideration with which.

I have the honor to be,


Secretary of War.


Montgomery, April 16, 1861.

Colonel EARL VAN DORN, Commanding in Texas:

COLONEL: The inclosed copy of a note in pencil, from the "News" office at Galveston, comes from highly respectable and reliable source. It indicates, among other things worthy attention, a change of policy on