War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0614 OPERATIONS IN TEXAS AND NEW MEXICO. Chapter VII.

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Montgomery, March 21, 1861.


SIR: You are direct to proceed to the State of Texas and ascertain from the proper authorities of that State wa portion of the property, arms, and munitions of war appertaining to the Army of the United States, recently stationed in the State, they may be desirous to turn over to this Government and make chargeable to it. Being advised upon this Government and make chargeable to it. Being advised upon this point, you will at once received into your possession all such property, arms, &c., and execute to such persons as the State may designate a receipt for the same; the volume of such property as the State may designate a receipt for the same; the value of such property to be hereafter determined between the State of Texas and this Government, or this Government and that of the United States, as the case may be.

You will from time to time, as such property, arms, &c., may be turned over, make report to this Department of the character, quality, and condition of the same, and the disposition made therefor under the directions herein given, with such recommendations and suggestions in reference to the same as may occur to you. You will provide for the safe-keeping of such property, arms, &c., either at the places where they may be delivered, or have them transported to places where this can be provided with greater economy and safety, or to such points as may hereafter be designated by this Department. You are authorized to make contracts for the transportation contemplated in these instructions, and also for the safe-keeping of said property, arms, &c. Such of the property turned over, strictly perishable in its nature, as may have been condemned, or as my be, or be considered to be, unfit for use, or as may be leviable to determination before it can be applied to use, may be disposed of as you deem best, provided that the authorities of Texas shall agree to receive the proceeds of sale, should a sale be made, and to discharge this Government for liability for the same beyond the amount for which it may be sold; by you are required at once to report to this Department the fact of any such disposition of property, with the raisons which induced it. You are authorized to employ such clerical assistance as you may require in making the returns contemplated herein, paying therefor a reasonable compensation.

After you shall have determined you route in visiting the several first and depots, you will report such route to this Department, indicating at the same time the most convenient channel for communicating with you, as it may become necessary, from time to time.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.

INDIANOLA, TEX., March 26, 1861.

Honorable L. P. WALKER, Secretary of War:

SIR: I have the honor to report my arrival at this place, and inform you that the troops of the United States are yet in camp at Green Lake, about twenty miles from the coast, awaiting transports to remove them. They are ignorant yet of their destination. I have seen but two of the officers, Major E. K. Smith and Lieutenant Thornton Washington. The former has resigned, and is on his way to Montgomery to offer his services to the Southern Confederacy. Major Smith has always been considered by the Army as one of its leading sprites, and his career in Mexico and subsequently won for him from the Government during the