War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0573 Chapter VII. REPORTS.

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and T. J. Devine, Capts. D. D. Shea and W. T. Mechling, and J. F. Minter and Lieutenant J. P. Major, C. S. Army.

Very respectfully, sir, I am your obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding.

Brigadier General S. COOPER,

Adjutant and Inspector General, Montgomery, Ala.


San Antonio, June 3, 1861.

GENERAL: I have the honor herewith to report my operations as commander of the troops in Texas for the last part of April and the month of May; also to inclose you copies of all orders issued by me, and of all letters of instructions given to officers under my command.

I respectfully refer you to my reports of the 17th and 26th of April* and the 10th of May+ in regard to the seizure of the Star of the West, the capture of the United States troops at Saluria, under Major Sibley, and of those under Colonel Reeve, near this city, the latter now held as prisoners of war, and subject to your orders.

Colonel H. E. McCulloch, in command of his regiment and a battery of light artillery, marched from this city on the 29th, under Orders No. 8, from these headquarters, and letters of instructions herewith inclosed. Five companies of Colonel Ford's regiment, recently mustered into service, marched this morning for the forts on the Upper Rio Grande. Two more will march to-morrow for Forts Clark and Camp Wood. The dispositions of this regiment will be seen in General Orders No. 8. and letters of instructions to Colonel Ford, herewith inclosed.

I have caused to be mustered into service a company of light artillery, composed of old soldiers. The battery (four guns) is in good working condition, with an excellent, energetic, and intelligent officer in command. It is under Colonel McCulloch's command, on Red River, to be in readiness for an emergency in that direction. There should be one also at Fort Inge, near the Rio Grande, and I shall put one in the field as soon as I can.

In view of the large number of United States troops in New Mexico and Mesila, I have also mustered into service a company of foot artillery, composed of old soldiers, under a good officer, and put them at Fort Bliss, with instructions to throw up a small field-work, and to defend it with the six pieces artillery now here. A company of infantry is also ordered there, besides two companies of cavalry. Colonel Ford is authorized to concentrate the troops on his line of defense. I have ordered Captain Moore, at Galveston, to muster into service a company of troops, to man and to guard the batteries at that place. One disaffected citizens, as they now stand, might spike the guns. They should be ready at all times. For the same reasons a company will be mustered into service at Pass Cavallo, near Indianola. Six pieces of heavy artillery are now on the way there from Fort Clark. It will be necessary to have quite a large infantry force on the Lower Rio Grande, especially at Fort Brown, where there are many heavy guns and a large quantity of public property, as well also as the military necessity of a force in that section of the State. I shall muster into service one regiment of infantry, including the infantry companies already mentioned and one stationed at Camp Verde.


* Not found.

+ See page 572.