War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0537 Chapter VII. REPORTS.

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and officers of my own command, I determined to destroy all the ordnance at Brazos, in order to prevent the erection of batteries on the island, and, as far as lay in my power, to deprive any hostile force of the means of making war upon the United States. Orders were accordingly issued (copy herewith inclosed) to insure a speedy execution thereof. Lieutenant Graham and a detachment of forty men from Captain Stoneman's command were ordered to Brazos to report to lieutenant Thompson. Before the arrival of this detachment the steam Rusk entered the harbor, landed her men on the island, and took possession of the public buildings and property. Lieutenant Thompson's report is herewith inclosed.

I have, also, to inclose three communications from General E. B. Nichols (the latter written after a full conference between him and myself in presence of Mr. Walter and Lieutenant Bailey, post adjutant, and embracing in substance the subject-matter of said conference). Copies of my replies thereto are also inclosed.

Department Orders No. 25, dated February 14, 1861, came to had yesterday. I will remain here until the arrival of the troops from Fort Duncan and then proceed to Brazos Santiago.

I do not think thee will be any collision between my command and the State troops. With all the force that will be here, and with the co-operation of Captain Stoneman, I do not think we will be interfered with.

I take great pleasure in saying that, although Captain Stoneman has an independent command, he expresses himself prepared to render me a cordial and prompt co-operation.

I am, sir, respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, Fist Artillery, Commanding Post.

Major W. A. NICHOLS,

Assistant Adjutant-General, Department of Texas, San Antonio.



No. 5. February 21, 1861.

Information having been received at this post that a large body of armed men is en route for this vicinity with the avowed object of seizing upon the United Stated depot and public property at Brazos Santiago, and it being impracticable to remove the guns, munitions, &c., to this place, it is therefore ordered, with the view of anticipating the seizure of Brazos Island and of preventing the communication between this post and the War Department being obstructed, that the arms, ammunition, and gun carriages at that place be destroyed, the trunnions of the guns broken, if possible, and the guns spiked or otherwise disabled.

Lieutenant Thompson, Second Artillery, will execute this order and immediately return with his detachment to this post.

By order of Captain Hill:


Second Lieutenant, Second Artillery, Post Adjutant.

FORT BROWN, TEX., February 22, 1861.

SIR: I have the honor to make the following report:

Pursuant to post orders issued February 8, 1861, I repaired on the 9th with a detachment of twelve men to Brazos Santiago, and took charge of the United States stores and property at that place.

An additional force of twenty men arrived at the island on the 18th. On the same I received instructions from the commanding officer