War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0527 Chapter VII. REPORTS.

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&c., and freely furnished by the undersigned, although no reference is made in express terms to this obligation in any of the notes between General Twigs and the undersigned, and the reference is only found in our communication of the 14th instant to the military commission. We might still further add that the military commission, as well as General Twigs, repeatedly disclaimed any right on the part of the officer in command to control disbursing officers in their disposition of the public funds. If, then, General Twigs has acted upon portions of our answer of the 14th instant, although such portions were not set out in our reply of the 18th, it shows that he understood that the referring to that communication was a substantial embodiment of its terms in the communication in which we referred to it. A consideration of these facts will show the necessity for a complete understanding of all matters connected with or operating in any manner upon the question of our right to obtain possession of or control the funds of the Federal Government in Texas, such funds being subject, however, to the payment of all legitimate claims due either to soldiers or citizens. For this purpose the undersigned submit the following questions, to be answered by the various disbursing officers or heads of departments, and certified to, respectively, by them "on honor":

Question 1. Please state what amount of funds, in specie, coin, drafts, or otherwise, were in your custody or under your control for purposes connected with your department in the performance of your official duties on the 8th day of February, 1861.

Question 2. Please state what portion of that amount has been disbursed or changed from its original condition between that day and the time of answering this question, and how and where was this disbursement or change made.

Question 3. Please state what amount of indebtedness exists against your department at the time of and warring this question, and the persons claiming the same, as nearly as it is in your power to do.

Question 4. Please state what amount in specie or corn had come into your possession since the 8th of February, 1861, and what amount has been placed to you credit or at your disposal for purposes connected with your department in other cities of the Union since the 8th of February, 1861.

Question 5. Please state the amount of funds connected with your department on hand in specie, coin, drafts, or other evidences of money or credits, and please state the amounts of the respective credits in this city, and with whom, as likewise in other cities of the Union.

It is hoped that the preceding five questions will be submitted to the various disbursing officers residing in this city, and an answer is required within the next eighteen house.

The commissioners do not desire - on the contrary, it is their determination that nothing shall be done by or through their agency that is likely to cause - unpleasant consequences. Our instructions and a sense of duty, however, alike demand that all measures proper and necessary for securing the public funds for the benefit of the State of Texas shall be attempted, and, if possible, carried to a successful termination.

We remain, very respectfully, your obedient servants,




Commissioners on behalf of Committee of Public Safety.

Colonel C. A. WAITE, U. S. Army,

Commanding Department of Texas.