War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0525 Chapter VII. REPORTS.

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their clerks from their offices, and placed a sentinel at the doors. (See papers marked C1, C2, C3, C4, C5.) About the time of their taking possession of the officers they notified me that the means of transportation would be withheld, and consequently the movement of the troops prevented, until these demands were complied with. After a delay of some days an arrangement was made with the commissioners, whereby the restrictions imposed on the Quartermaster's and Commissary Departments were removed, and the means of transportation again placed at my disposal. Major Vinson and Captain blair are now in the discharge of their proper duties. the conditions of the agreement whereby they were permitted to again take charge of their offices will be found in papers marked D1, D2.

Previous to making this agreement it was ascertained that after expending all of the available funds on hand there would be outstanding debts the amount of some eight thousand dollars against the Commissary Department and nearly double that sum against the Quartermaster's Department. The offices of Major McClure and Captain Whiteley are still held by a guard, and I understand that the commissioners have referred their cases to me Convention, now incision at Austin, for further instructions.

I inclose, also, copies of my letters alluded to in the communication by Colonel Chandler (marked E and F*), therein accidentally omitted. I likewise inclose copies of letters of Colonel Hoffman and Bvt. Major L. Smith, Eighth, and Captain King, First Infantry, relating particularly to the circumstances attending the forcible seizure of the public property in San Antonio on the 16th ultimo by the State troops, &c., marked, respectively, H, I, K.+

I am, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel, U. S. Army, Commanding Department.

Lieutenant Colonel L. THOMAS, Assistant Adjutant-General,

Headquarters of the Army, Washington, D. C.

[Inclosure A.]


San Antonio, February 21, 1861.

GENTLEMEN: I have been informed by Captain Reynolds, assistant quartermaster, that the funds placed in his hands pertaining to the Quartermaster's Department, and for which he is personally accountable to the Treasury, have been seized by an armed body of Texans, and are no longer in his possession.

The commissioners on the part of the State of Texas "formally and solemnly agreed with Bvt. Major General David E. Twigs, U. S. Army, commanding the Department of Texas," that "the necessary means from regular and comfortable movement, provisions, tents, &c., and transportation" shall be allowed the troops, and that "the public property at the various posts, other than that above recited," shall be turned over to agents, &c. The words "public property" do not include money, and certainly not money in the hands of disbursing officers, who are personally accountable for it to the Treasury of the United States. Their bondsmen, their private property, and their commissions are pledged to their Government for the faithful disbursement of the funds intrusted to them.


*Transferred to Waite to Thomas, February 26, pp.521-523.

+See reports Nos.4, 5, and 6, pp.517-520.