War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0486 THE SECESSION OF NORTH CAROLINA. Chapter V.

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[WASHINGTON, March 19, 1861.]

Governor JOHN W. ELLIS,

Raleigh, N. C.:

It is believed that the North Carolina forts will immediately be garrisoned by Lincoln.


RALEIGH, N. C., April 15, 1861.


Secretary of War:

Your dispatch* is received, and if genuine, which its extraordinary character leads me to doubt, I have to say in reply that I regard the levy of troops made by the administration for the purpose of subjugating the States of the South as in violation of the Constitution and a gross usurpation of power. I can be no party to this wicked violation of the laws of the country, and the this war upon the liberties of a free people. You can get no troops from North Carolina. I will reply more in detail when your call is received by mail.


Governor of North Carolina.

MONTGOMERY, April 22, 1861.

Gov. J. W. ELLIS,

Raleigh, N. C.:

SIR: Your patriotic response to the requisition of the President of the United States for troops to coerce the Confederate States justifies the belief that your people are prepared to unite with us in repelling the common enemy of the South.

Virginia needs our aid. I therefore request you to furnish one regiment of infantry without delay to rendezvous at Richmond, Va. It must consist of ten companies, of not less than sixty-four men each.+

* * * * * * *


Secretary of War.

WILMINGTON, N. C., April 22, 1861.

Brigadier-General BEAUREGARD,

Commanding Provisional Army, Charleston, S. C.:

MY DEAR GENERAL: I find myself installed here in command of the defenses of Cape Fear; to be sure, by commission from the governor, but in a babel of confusion, to which Morris Island and Charleston Harbor were child's play. Without having had the advantage of you for my exemplar during the past six trying weeks, I would be utterly at a loss. The worst is I have nothing to work with. Can you not cause to be sent me a few hundred fuses for the 8-inch shells? We have shells enough here at the railroad depot; also, some boxes of friction tubes with lanyards. Besides, I desire very much the sponge staves and various implements belonging to the guns you have lent us. This would be a great favor.

I have started all the ladies to making cartridge bags and sand bags, and that keeps their little hearts quiet. I want Gomez to sent me


*Calling for two regiments of militia. That call, and responses thereto, will appear in Vol. I, 3rd Series.

+Details of organization omitted.