War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0479 Chapter V. REPORTS.

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Duplicate of the terms agreed upon between Major S. S. Anderson, Second Artillery, and Warren Winslow, esq., on the part of Governor Ellits, for the withdrawal of the United States forces now stationed at the North Carolina Arsenal, in Fayetteville, N. C., and the transfer of the United States property to the State authorities.

1. The United States troops now composing the guard at the United States Arsenal shall be permitted to march out with their arms, and all of their personal and company property of every description whatsoever.

2. The subsistence stores necessary for their use hence to their ultimate destination shall be taken by them.

3. The United States troops now about to evacuate the arsenal at this place shall be permitted to salute (with twenty-one guns) their flag before it is lowered.

4. The company of United States troops now here shall be permitted to retain their quarters, and be unmolested therein, until arrangements can be made (which will be immediately done) for their removal.

5. A safe-conduct shall be given (pledging therefor the good faith and honor of the State of North Carolina) to the United States troops now evacuating the United States Arsenal, through the State of North Carolina, to the coast; nor shall they be molested in their property or person while within the limits of the State or the waters thereof.

6. Every facility for leaving the borders of North Carolina shall be afforded to the withdrawn command, nor shall any impediment be thrown in the way to prevent the accomplishment of this object.

7. In order to the preservation of a peaceful condition between the parties to these terms of agreement, it is agreed that while the withdrawing United States forces remain necessarily at the arsenal awaiting transportation, the present command will be permitted to act as a guard, for the sole purpose of preserving good order and decorum within their own command.

8. With a desire to avoid unnecessarily wounding and paining the feelings or sense of honor of the parties to these terms of agreement, no flag will be hoisted on the staff at the arsenal, or within the limits of the Government grounds, until the departure of the troops, excepting the necessary raising of the North Carolina or Confederate flag, in token of evacuation by the one party and possession by the other party.

On the part of the governor of North Carolina, these terms were fully assented to.




Captain, Second Artillery, Bvt. Major, U. S. A., Commanding Troops.

FAYETTEVILLE, April 22, 1861.

No. 6. Report of Lieutenant J. A. De Lagnel, Second U. S. Artillery, of the seizure of the U. S. Arsenal at Fayetteville, N. C.


COLONEL: I have the honor to report, for the information of the General-in-Chief, my arrival at this post with Company D, Second Artillery.