War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0443 Chapter IV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Have a Southern Government as soon as possible, adopting the present Federal Constitution for the time, and a Southern Army. I repeat this because it is the important policy.

Virginia, Maryland, and Tennessee are rapidly coming up to the work.

God speed you.

I shall give the enemy a shot next week before retiring. I say enemy! Yes, I am theirs, and they are mine. I am willing to be their masters, but not their brothers.

Yours, in haste,


Lose no time about the navy-yard and forts at Pensacola.

WASHINGTON, January 7, 1861.

JOSEPH FINEGAN, Esq. [Tallahassee, Fla.]:

MY DEAR SIR: On the other side [following] is a copy of resolutions adopted at a consultation of the Senators from the seceding States, in which Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida were present.

The idea of the meeting was that the States should go out at one, and provide for an early organization of a Confederate Government, not later than 15th February. This time is allowed to enable Louisiana and Texas to participate. It seemed to be the opinion that if we left here, force, loan, and volunteer bills might be passed, which would put Mr. Lincoln in immediate condition for hostilities; whereas by remaining in our places until the 4th March, it is thought we can keep the hands of Mr. Buchanan tied and disable the Republicans from effecting any legislation which will strengthen the hands of the incoming administration.

The resolutions will be sent by the delegation to the president of the Convention. I have not been able to find Mr. Mallory this morning. Hawkins is in Connecticut. I have, therefore, thought it best to send you this copy of the resolution.

In haste, yours, truly,


(Resolutions accompanying Senator Yulee's letter.*)

Resolved, 1. That in our opinion each of the Southern States should, as soon as may be, secede from the Union.

Resolved, 2. That provision should be made for a convention to organize a Confederacy of the seceding States, the convention to meet not later than the 15th of February, at the city of Montgomery, in the State of Alabama.

Resolved, That in view of the hostile legislation that is threatened against the seceding States, and which may be consummated before the


*The copy of these resolutions forwarded by Senator Mallory January 6, 1861, to the president of the Florida Convention, shows that they were adopted on the 5th of that month, and that they were signed by Messrs. Davis and Brown, of Mississippi; Hemphill and Wigfall, of Texas; Slidell and Benjamin, of Louisiana; Iverson and Toombs, of Georgia; Johnson, of Arkansas; Clay, of Alabama; and Yulee and Mallory, of Florida.