War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0347 Chapter IV. REPORTS.

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take occasion to express my high sense of the services of Captain Meigs to render this fort defensible.

I am, very respectfully, your most obedient servant,


Brevet Major, U. S. Army, Commanding.

Lieutenant Colonel L. THOMAS,

Asst. Adj. General, U. S. Army, Headquarters Army, New York City.


ENGINEER OFFICE, FORT JEFFERSON, Harbor of Tortugas, U. S., January 23, 1861.

SIR: I have to report that I returned this morning on board the steamer Joseph Whitney, towing the Horace Beale, loaded with guns and ammunition, which I obtained from Fort Taylor. Lieutenant Benson, in whose charge you had placed the steamer, rendered me valuable assistance in embarking the heavy materials. Captain Maffit, of the U. S. steamer Crusader, to guard against every possible contingency, kindly convoyed us from Key West.

I recommend that one 8-inch columbiad be placed in the first right curtain casemete on the right and left of bastions A, C, and E., one flanking gun in the caseate next the curtains in each basion.

The artillerymen will be able to disembark and transport the guns and ammunition, and from the laborers of the Engineer Department all needful manual aid will be afforded. Two mules belonging to the Engineer Department are also at your service, if useful. A caseate gun and sling cart are on board the brigantine. A truck and wheelbarrow are in the Engineers' park. The guns, I believe, can all be in place by to-night.

The Mohawk, which at my request came here on our arrival at Key West, will, I doubt non, if you desire it, remain here until the guns are in place; after which it would hardly be necessary to detain her, so far as the safety of this work is concerned, if she has other duties of importance to look after. Her presence, however, would, if she is not urgently needed elsewhere, be only a prudent and proper precaution.

I am, very respectfully and truly, your obedient servant,


Captain, Engineers, Eng. in charge of Fort Jefferson.

Major L. G. ARNOLD,

Commanding Fort Jefferson.

Numbers 6. Report of Captain E. Yuell, assistant commissary of substance, C. S. Army, of the destructions of the Alvarado by the U. S. Steamer Vincennes.

FERNANDINA, FLA., August [6], 1861.

SIR: On yesterday morning the town was thrown into commotion by the report that two vessels were on the coast, one of which was fleeing to secure an entrance over our bar, the other in pursuit to effect a capture. The whole of our people armed, and proceeded to the beach, about two miles from town. A company from the post at Fort Clinch, with a 6-pounder, was also dispatched to the beach, which, in a addition to anther 6-pounder from town, made town, made the whole of our defensive and offensive armament. When I arrived in view of the vessels I found a