War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0331 (Untitled)

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January 6-August 31, 1861.


January 6, 1861.-United States Arsenal at Apalachicola seized by State troops.

7, 1861.-Fort Marion, Saint Augustine, seized by State troops.

10, 1861.-Ordinance of secession adopted.

U. S. troops transferred from Barrancas Barracks to Fort Pickens, Pensacola Harbor.

12, 1861.-Barrancas Barracks, Forts Barrancas and McRee, and the navy yard, Pensacola, seized by State troops.

14, 1861.-Fort Taylor, Key West, garrisoned by United States troops.

15, 1861.-Second demand for surrender of Fort Pickens.

18, 1861.-Fort Jefferson, Tortugas, garrisoned by United States troops.

Third demand for surrender of Fort Pickens.

24, 1861.-Re-enforcements of Fort Pickens sail from Fort Monroe, Va.

February 6, 1861.-U. S. steamer Brooklyn arrives off Pensacola with re-enforcements for Fort Pickens.

March 11, 1861.-Brigadier General Braxton Bragg, C. S. Army, assumes command of Confederate forces.

21, 1861.-Seizure of the sloop Isabella.

April 7, 1861.-Re-enforcements for Fort Pickens sail from New York.

12, 1861.-Re-enforcements from Fort Monroe, and detachment of marines,landed at Fort Pickens.

13, 1861.-Bvt. Colonel Harvey Brown, Second U. S. Artillery, assumes command of the Department of Florida.

17, 1861.-Re-enforcements from New York arrive at Fort Pickens.

August 5, 1861.-The Alvarado burned off Fernandina, by the U. S. steamer Vincennes.


Numbers 1.-Ordnance Sergeant E. Powell, U. S. Army, of the seizure of U. S. Arsenal at Apalachicola.

Numbers 2.-Ordnance Sergeant Henry Douglas, U. S. Army, of the seizure of Fort Marion, Saint Augustine.

Numbers 3.-Lieutenant A. J. Slemmer, First U. S. Artillery, of the transfer of his command from Barrancas Barracks to Fort Pickens, and subsequent events (to February 5, 1861) in Pensacola Harbor.