War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0270 OPERATIONS IN CHARLESTON HARBOR, S. C. Chapter I.

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the stable at an intermediate point, where I propose to pitch my camp. Not being certain that it would be practicable to land the 12-pounders and the stable on the beach, I gave verbal orders, leaving it to the discretion of Lieutenant-Colonel Hamilton to have them brought round the north point of the island, in order to be conveyed by the creek, on the west side of the island.

My quartermaster has just reported to me that the master of the steamer (Flynn, I think, is his name), in disobedience of my orders, and alleging orders to himself to land everything at the south point (but showing no written order to that effect), is proceeding to put out, not only the 24-pounders and the 12-pounders, but the timber of the stable, at the south point. This will be exceedingly inconvenient, as it will be an immense labor to haul all the material of the stable through the heavy sand this side of the south point. I have sent down Lieutenant-Colonel Hamilton, with orders to arrest and confine the master of the steamer, put the next officer in command of the boat, and bring back the stable, together with the 12-pounders, to the north point of the island, whence they can be conveyed (in a smaller vessel) through the back creek. I am not sure, however, that this will be in time to remedy the inconvenience, as the landing of the material may be completed before Lieutenant-Colonel Hamilton gets to the point. I respectfully suggest the necessity of putting the commanders of steamers in the service of the quartermaster-general under better control. Repeated instances of misconduct, negligence, and disobedience have come within my observation.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel First Regiment S. C. Vols., Commander on Morris Island.

P. S. - Since writing the above letter, which was too late for this morning's boat, Captain Flynn, of the Chesterfield, being brought to my quarters, under guard, and having promised to carry the stable and the two 12-pounders to the north point of the island, has been released from arrest and sent back to the command of his boat. If Daly, the master of the little steam-flat, obeys the orders given to him by Colonel Hatch, and comes to Cummings Point this afternoon, I shall be able to send the lumber and guns up the back creek by his boat. But his previous conduct leaves me in entire uncertainty whether to expect him.

M. G.


Engineer Bureau, Charleston, S. C., March 8, 1861.

Captain S. W. FERGUSON, Aide-de-Camp:

CAPTAIN: By direction of the Secretary of War, I send you a copy of a report this day addressed to him. I am required to make daily reports to the Secretary, and am instructed by him to send copies of them to the commanding general.

I am, captain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major of Engineers.