War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0147 Chapter I. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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Of these, four are 8-inch columbiads, five are 8-inch sea-coast howitzers, eight are 42-pounders, and eight are 32-pounders. I have overhauled and fixed each carriage so that it works easily, and made maneuvering implements of which there were none here at first. Besides the above, a 10-inch columbiad is now being bedded by Lieutenant Snyder as a mortar, to throw shells into Fort Moultrie and upon Sullivan's Island.

Battery on the upper or east end of the island.- Of this nothing definite is known, as it is out of sight, and also, I fear, shielded from our fire by intervening sand hills. Its object is to secure the east point of the island, and also have a fire upon the Maffitt Channel.

Battery on Sullivan's Island west of Fort Moultrie.- This is situated about 300 yards to the west of the fort, and is built across a cross-street at a.(See sketch.) It is said to contain five guns, but being masked by old buildings and fences in front of it, I cannot tell whether or not it is so. It is intended to fire on Fort Sumter.

Castle Pinckney remains apparently as it was when taken, with the exception of sand bags, which are placed around the parapet apparently for the purpose of protecting the heads of their sharpshooters. It is reported that some of the guns have been taken from the Castle to arm the new earth batteries on Morris Island and other places.

Battery at Fort Johnson. - This is a small earthen battery for three guns in embrasure, intended to fire on the channel. It is situated next to the old barracks, as shown in rough sketch in the margin. I judge of the calibers of the guns by their reports in firing for practice.


Second battery near Fort Johnson. - This is now in the process of construction. It appears to be for mortars, as no embrasures are made. It is of sufficient size for three guns or mortars.

Morris Island Battery. - This is the one that fired on the Star of the West. It is about 2,400 or 2,500 yards from us and concealed from view by intervening sand hills. It is a gun battery,and did contain two guns at first. Now I am confident that it contains at least four guns. The troops or the service of the batteries are quartered in the buildings constituting the small-pox hospital over on of which their flag is flying, a red field with white palmetto tree upon it. The flag on Fort Johnson is similar, as is also to one on Castle Pinckney. That on Fort Moultrie is a white field with a green palmetto tree, and a red star in the corner.

Battery on Cummings Point. - This is apparently for mortars, and is of sufficient extent to contain six or eight. A large force of negroes has been at work upon it during the last work. A large quantity of timber has been hauled into it, apparently for shell-proof shelters as well as platforms; most of the timber was too larger for platforms. This battery seems to be for mortars, as no embrasures are yet made. It is within good range of our heavy guns, of which four 8-inch columbiads, three 42-pounder one 8-inch sea-coast howitzer and six 24-pounders on the barbette tier bear upon it; besides, two 32-pounders in the lower tier can fire upon it. This will give a powerful fire. Still, they are apparently providing for it. I have no positive knowledge of the proposed armament of this battery, but I have heard twice from persons who would be apt to know that three mortars are already in it. These are probably the two trophy mortars from the arsenal and the 10-inch mortar from Fort Moultrie.

I have heard heavy firing several times, as though for practice, in the