War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0077 Chapter I. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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at least one company, and I understand him to be about to ask for that garrison immediately.

We next visited Castle Pinckney, which was found in excellent order, with the exception of some repairs required on the wooden banquette on the gorge, first tier, some new caseate embrasure shutters, and the second cistern to be rebuilt. All other parts of the work were in good order, as it had but recently been thoroughly repaired with the above exceptions.

Major Anderson is about to urge upon the Department the sending of one company, also, to this fort, which commands the city of Charleston. In that case I think the second cistern should be repaired at once, and also the necessary renewal given to the decayed wooden banquette, over the cisterns on the gorge, and to the caseate shutters. I would, therefore, respectfully ask for the sum of six hundred dollars from the "Contingencies of fortifications: for this purpose. Regarding the shutters as necessary to be repaired at once, I am, in anticipation of your approval, having it done at this time.

There is another matter in connection with this work which Major Anderson suggested, and which may become important in view of the unsettled state of the public mind here, the temper of which seems not to be improving, and that is, to garrison Castle Pinckney with Engineer employs in case the Department does not consider it expedient to send troops for the purpose. At his request I have made an estimate of the cost, as follows:

* * * *

Total for the first month......................... $1,600

The second month will be.......................... 1,050

I consider it proper to give you the above information, in order that you may be fully aware of what is transpiring.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain of Engineers.


"Return to Governor Floyd."


November 28, 1860.


U. S. Army, &c., Fort Moultrie:

MAJOR: Your letter of the 24th instant has been received and submitted to the Secretary of War. It is now under consideration, the result of which will be duly communicated to you. In the mean time authority has been given by the Engineer Bureau to Captain Foster to send to Castle Pinckeny the Engineer workmen, as suggested by you, for purposes of repairs, &c.

The Secretary desires that any communications you may have to make of the information of the Department be addressed to this office, or to the Secretary himself.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,