War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0043 Chapter I. OPERATIONS IN CHARLESTON HARBOR, S. C.

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to Fort Moultrie early on the morning of the 13th, and was present during the action, doing all that lay in his power.

I was deprived of the services of the commissioned battalion staff during the cannonade. First Lieutenant James Hamilton, adjutant, was absent sick on the 11th instant, but hearing of the probability of an engagement, left his bed and came to report for duty. He remained until some time after the action, when it was evident that his strength was gone. Lieutenant Yates, battalion quartermaster, preferred the command of the floating battery, and I excused him from staff duty.

Lieutenant Colonel Hatch, quartermaster-general, had made preparations for the extinguishment of fires. Mr. Prioleau Ravenel was present with the engines and a body of men to put them out should they occur. We were fortunate, and he did what duty he was called on to perform.

I have the honor to inclose a return of the few wounded, a statement of shot fired, and such reports from commanding officers as I have received. To them I beg to refer for the names of meritorious individuals not mentioned above.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant-Colonel of Artillery, Commanding.

Return of shot and shell fired from the batteries of Fort Moultrie, Sullivan's Island, and Mount Pleasant, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel R. S. Ripley, Artillery, South Carolina Army, during the cannonade and bombardment of Fort Sumter, April 12 and 13, 1861.

Shell. Shot.

10- 9-inch 8-inch 64- 42pou

inch pounds nds

Fort Moultrie - - 6 248 -

Enfilade battery - - - - -

Point battery - 61 - - -

Floating battery - - - - 247

Mortar battery Numbers 185 - - - -


Mortar battery Numbers 88 - - - -


Mount Pleasant mortar 81 - - - -


Total 354 61 6 248 247

Shot. Hot shot.

32poun 24poun 32pou

ds ds nds.

Fort Moultrie 305 105 - - 41

Enfilade battery 300 300 - - -

Point battery - - - - -

Floating battery 223 - - - -

Mortar battery Numbers - - - - -


Mortar battery Numbers - - - - -


Mount Pleasant mortar - - - - -


Total 828 405 - - 41

Numbers 12. Report of Lieutenant Colonel Wilmost G. De Saussure, South Carolina Army, commanding Artillery.


Morris Island, April 22, 1861.

SIR: I have the honor to transmit herewith the reports of Major P. F. Stevens, of the Citadel Academy, assigned under Special Orders, Numbers 8, from Headquarters Provisional Forces, to the Iron and Point batteries at this post, of Captain George B. Cuthbert, commanding Palmetto Guard, by which corps the above batteries were manned, and of Captain J. G. King, commanding Marion Artillery, by which corps the Trapier battery was manned. These several reports contain the events connected with the bombardment and fall of Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor, on Friday,