War of the Rebellion: Serial 001 Page 0027 Chapter I. OPERATIONS IN CHARLESTON HARBOR, S. C.

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of all the works marked thereon. Those Drummond lights, ordered from New York, will be here in about ten days.

I remain, sir, very respectfully,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

General L. P. WALKER,

Secretary of War, Montgomery, Ala.


CHARLESTON, S. C., March 6, 1861.

GENERAL: I have the honor to report that I proceeded to Morris Island this morning, and commenced establishing battery positions.

I. Directed the Dahlgren battery to be modified. Retired the interior crest of the right gun, so as to obtain a raking fire on the whole approach, and on the beach, and placed a traverse between the two, and directed the rear of the battery to be excavated, to give a relief of at least eight to interior crest. It is absolutely necessary that these guns be placed en barbette; otherwise, unless the epaulement is cut down to two, they cannot be depressed sufficiently for the short ranges on the ship's carriages.

II. Battery A, for two 8-inch columbiads (new position). The relative positions of the different batteries will be indicated on the chart by the engineer and submitted to you to-morrow.

III. Arranged and modified the Star of the West battery, giving greater relief, reducing the platform, locating necessary traverses, and adding one 24-pounder. Directed the two field pieces for line and land defense.

IV. Battery B, for two guns, one 8-inch columbiad, and one 8-inch sea-coast.

V. Battery C, for one 8-inch sea-coast and one 42-pounder.

VI. Battery D, for two 24-pounders.

VII. Battery E, two 24-pounders, at nearly right angles to the brush. To protect the two last from Hunter, the left traverse must cross the epaulement.

VIII. Battery F, partially finished, for two 8-inch sea-coast howitzers and two 24-pounders. The howitzers are on casemate carriages, and must be changed.

The arrangement of these batteries will, in general, be identical, except when the siege carriage is used in the Star of the West battery, and in E, and G, the latter of three 24-pounders, partly done. Therefore the guns can be placed in different order, if thought best. I placed the guns of longest range farthest from Hunter,, as having greater effect upon the distant approach. Examination of the maps, when complete, will show the field of fire. Of these guns there are now on the island three 8-inch columbiads, now mounted on casemate carriages in battery; Numbers 2 as a siege battery on Sumter; two 42-pounders, mounted on casemate carriages, siege battery on Sumter. The two Dahlgrens and the two 8-inch sea-coast, on the casement trenches. All the above require barbette carriages. Of these, the barbette carriages for the columbiads are nearly ready; also, for the sea coast. There are also eight 24-pounders on siege carriages already mounted on the channel; in all, fifteen. There are required for the proposed addition two sea-coast howitzers, now at Pinckney, and five 24-pounders also at Pinckney; making, in all, twenty-two guns to be provided. The arrangement is that indicated in the plan this morning. I am doubtful which battery to commence first. Perhaps in order from the Dahlgren, although it would be best to have them done simultaneously. There is want of labor, and