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the earl, and also he kept him from the earl as much as he might, to keep him still in love with them of Gaunt. Thus he swam between two waves, making himself neuter, as near as could. In the mean time, while the earl repaired the town of Oudenarde, he procured so much by his letters to his cousin the duke of Burgundy to send him John Pruniaux, being at Ath, that so he did and sent him to the earl. And so he was sent to Lille, and there beheaded, and then set on a wheel like a traitor. Thus died John Pruniaux. Then the earl went to Ypres and did there great justice and beheaded many evil-ruled people, such as had before been at the death of his five knights there slain and had opened the gates to them of Gaunt; and this he did to the intent that other should take ensample by them. Of all these matters the Gauntois were well informed, wherefore they doubted more than they did before, and specially the captains, such as had been forth in their journeys and before Oudenarde, and they said among themselves : ` Certainly if the earl may, he will destroy us all. He loveth us well, for he will have nothing but our lives. Hath he not put to death John Pruniaux? To say truth we (lid John Pruniaux great wrong, when we banished him from us : we are therefore culpable of his death ; and to the same end we shall all come, if he may get us at his will. Therefore let us take good heed of ourselves.' Then Peter du Bois said: `Sirs, if ye will believe me, there shall not a house stand upright of never a gentleman in the country about Gaunt ; for by reason of the gentlemen's houses that be now standing, we may be all destroyed, if we take not heed thereto betimes and provide for some remedy.' `That is truth,' quoth all the other, `let us go forth and beat them all down.' Then the captains, Peter du Bois, John Boele, Ralph de Herselle, John de Launoit and divers other with their companies departed on a day from Gaunt and brent and beat down all the gentlemen's houses thereabout, and took all that ever was in them and departed it among themselves : and when they had (lone, they returned again to Gaunt : they found never a man that would say, `Sirs, ye have (lone evil.' When the gentlemen, knights and squires, R being at Lille with the earl and thereabout, heard tidings how their houses were brent and beaten down, and their goods taken away, they were right sore displeased, and not without a good cause. They said to the earl : ` Sir, this despite must be amended and the pride of them of Gaunt beaten down.' Then the earl gave leave and abandoned to the knights and squires to make war against the Gauntois and to countervenge them of their damages. Then divers knights and squires of Flanders allied themselves together and desired their friends of Hainault to aid to revenge them of the Gauntois ; and they made their captain the Hase of Flanders, the youngest son bastard of the earl's,1 a right valiant knight. This knight with his company sometime lay at Oudenarde, another time at Gavre, and sometime at Alost and at Termonde, and scrimmished with the Gauntois daily, and sometime ran to the barriers of the town of Gaunt, and beat down the windmills about the town and did great despite to them of Gaunt. And with them there was a knight of Hainault called sir James of Werchin, seneschal of Hainault, he did many feats of arms in that season about Gaunt and adventured himself oftentimes right jeopardously : he fought two or three times at the barriers, and won bassenets and cross-bows and other habiliments of war. This knight loved well the noble feats of arms, and had been a valiant knight, if he had lived long; but he died young in his bed in the castle of Le Biez beside Mortagne, which was great damage.


SUMMARY.-The war became cruel between the earl and gentlemen of Flanders and them of Ghent, who sent to the French (zing to ash him not to give aid to the earl of Flanders. The king and aiso the pope Clement rather inclined to them than to the earl. Sir Bertrand du Guesclin fell ill and died, while at siege befor

Page 240 (Chronicles of Froissart)