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way. Then it fell so that the king my husband went to conquer his heritage of Mallorca, the which the king of Aragon had taken from him by force, and had disherited him and caused his father to die in prison. And or he departed from me, I said to him : "Sir, I am a lady, and have puissance and riches sufficient to maintain your estate according to your desire." Howbeit, he preached so much to me and she wed me so many fair reasons, desiring to recover his heritage, so that I was fain to consent to him to take his pleasure. But at his departing I desired him to have gone to king Charles of France and to have shewed him his business and to have ordered himself by his counsel. Howbeit, he did not so, the which was his hurt; for he went to the prince of Wales, who promised to have aided him. So he had greater trust in the prince of Wales than in the French king, to whom I was near of lineage. And in the mean season, while lie was in his viage, I wrote to the French king and sent great messengers to him, desiring him to send me a nobleman of his blood to marry my daughter, to the intent that mine heritage should not be without an heir. The king sent his cousin sir Robert of Artois, who wedded my daughter. And in the viage that the king my husband made he died ; and after again I married sir Otho of Brunswick: and because sir Charles de la Paix t saw that sir Otho should have mine heritage as long as I lived, he made us war and took us in the castle of l'OEuf,2 when the sea was so high that we feared it would have overflowen us, at which time we were so affrayed, that we yielded us all four to sir Charles de la Paix, our lives saved : and so he held us in prison, my husband and I, my daughter and her husband, and so it happed that my son and daughter died there; and after by treaty I and my husband were delivered, so that Puylle and Calabre might come to him ; and also he intendeth to come to the heritage of Naples, of Sicily and of Provence, for he seeketb all about for alliance, and so will take away the right of the Church as soon as I am dead, if he may. Therefore, holy father, I will acquit me

1 Charles of Sicily, called de la Paix, son of Louis passed and sealed. So he ordained secretly of Du razzo. and sagely his business and took the sea,

2 The Castel dell' Ovo at Naples.

against God and you, and acquit the souls of my predecessors, and put into your hands all the heritages that I ought to have, of Sicily, of Naples, Puylle, Calabre and Provence, I give them to you to do with them your pleasure, to give them to whomsoever it pleaseth you, such as may obtain them against our adversary sir Charles de la Paix.' Pope Clement received joyfully her words and took her gift in great reverence, and said: ' Ah, my fair daughter of Naples, we shall so ordain that your heritage shall have such an heritor of your own blood, noble and puissant to resist against them that will do or offer you or them any wrong.' Of all these words and gifts there were public instruments and authentic made, to the intent that the matter should abide firm and stable in time to come, and to be of more plain knowledge to all them that should hear thereof after.


How pope Clement came to Avignon, and of the gifts that he gave to the duke of Anjou, and how sir Silvester Bude and his company were beheaded : and of the country of Flanders and of their adversity.

WHEN the queen of Naples and sir Otho of Brunswick had done all things, wherefore they were come to Fondes to the pope, then they took their leave and departed and went to Naples. Then it was not long after but that pope Clement imagined in himself, that to abide long about the parts of Rome was nothing profitable for him, and saw well how the Romans and pope Urban travailed greatly to get the love of the Neapolitans and of sir Charles de la Paix : therefore he doubted lest the passages and ways should be closed against him, so that he should not get to Avignon when he would. And the principal and special cause that inclined him to go to Avignon, was to the

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