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it shall be one of the best entries that they can have, if they were lords in Normandy, of the cities, towns and castles belonging to the king of Navarre.' The same season there was taken in France two secretaries of the king of Navarre, a clerk and a squire ; the clerk was called Peter of Tertre and the squire James of Rue, and they were brought to Paris to be examined; and so much it was known by them of the secrets of the realm of Navarre, how they were determined to have done damage to the king, or else to have poisoned him : so they were condemned to die, and execution was done at Paris, beheaded and quartered. These tidings multiplied so on the king of Navarre, that the French king swore that he would never attend to none other thing, till he had rid Normandy, and taken into his possession for the behoof of his nephews all the towns and castles that the king of Navarre held there. So daily there came sore informations to the French king against the king of Navarre : also it was said openly that the duke of Lancaster should give his daughter Katherine to the king of Navarre, and so by that means the king should give to the duke of Lancaster all the whole county of Evreux. These words were lightly believed in France, for the king of Navarre was but little trusted among them. So then the same time the French king came to Rouen, and there assembled a great army of men of war, whereof the lord Coucy and the lord de la Riviere were chief captains, and they all met together before a town called Evreux, a city in Normandy pertaining to the king of Navarre. And these two lords had the two sons of the king of Navarre, Charles and Peter, to skew to them of the country that the war that they made was in the name of the two children for their heritage, that was fallen to them by the right of their mother, and how that the king of Navarre had no right to keep them. But the most part of the men of arms were so joined in love with the king of Navarre, that they could not depart out of his service, and also the Navarrois that were there assembled, such as the king of Navarre had sent thither, caused his war to be the more easier and fair.


SUMMARY.-The French king seized the county of Montpellier, which belonged to the king- of Navarre, and the lords de Coucy and de la Riviere laid siege to Evreux The king of Navarre sent for help to England and then went thither himself to make an alliance. It was agreed that the English should set garrisons in the king of Navarre's towns and castles in Normandy and send a force to help him against the king of Castile. The French took Carentan, Moulineaux, Conches and Pacy, so that the king of Navarre held nothing in Normandy but Evreux and Cherbourg. Meanwhile the English with the duke of Lancaster laid siege to Saint-Malo. Evan of Wales was killed by his own squire before Mortagne. Evreux surrendered to the French. The English sent a large fleet to Bordeaux to help the king of Navarre, and the siege of Mortagne was raised. The English recovered some castles about Bordeaux. The English failed in their assaults on Saint-Malo and so returned to England: at Cherbourg sir Oliver (lit Guesclin was made prisoner.


SUMMARY.-The king of Navarre asked for help from the English at Bordeaux, who entered Navarre, compelling the Spaniards to raise the siege of Pam-plona, and invaded Castile. Peace was made between the kings of Navarre and of Castile. King Henry died anti was succeeded by john his son.


How the French king's messenger was let of his viage into Scotland, and of the debate that began between the French king and the earl of Flanders.

IN the same season returned into England sir Thomas Trivet and sir William Helman, with divers other knights and squires, such

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