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said: `Sir, I am not worthy: I am but a poor knight as in regard of your other great lords and valiant men in France, though it be so that fortune hath a little advanced me.' Then the king said : `Sir, it is for nothing that ye excuse you : it behoveth you to take it ; for it is so ordained and determined by all the council of France, the which in no wise I will break.' Then sir Bertram excused himself again by another way and said: `Right clear sir and noble king, I may not nor dare not withsay your noble pleasure : how_ beit, sir, it is of truth that I am but a poor man and too low of blood to come to the office of constable of France, the which is so great and so noble an office. For it is convenient that he that will exercise and acquit himself well in that office must command as well and rather the great men than the small personages. And, sir, behold here my lords your brethren, your nephews and your cousins, who hath charge of many men of war in your host and journeys. Sir, how durst I then be so bold as to command them ? Certainly, sir, envy is so great that I ought to fear it. Therefore, sir, I require your grace, pardon me, and give this office to some other that would gladlier have it than I, and that may better execute the office.' Then the king answered and said : ` Sir Bertram, excuse you not by that way, for I have neither brother, cousin nor nephew, earl nor baron in my realm, but that shall obey you. And if any do the contrary, I shall so anger him that he shall perceive well my displeasure. Therefore, sir, take joyously the office I require you.' Sir Bertram saw well that any excusations that he could make should not avail : then finally he accorded to the opinion of the king right sore against his will. So then with great joy sir Bertram of Guesclin was made constable of France, and farther to his advancement the king caused him to sit at his table and ;hewed all the tokens of love that he could devise, and gave him with the office divers gifts and great lands and heritage to him and to his heirs for ever. To this promotion did help greatly the duke of Anjou.


SUMMARY.-Bertrand du Guesclin defeated some of sir Robert Knolles' company at Pont- Vallain and sir Robert Knolles withdrew to Brittany. Urban V died, and Gregory XI. became pope. The eldest son of the prince of Wales died, and the prince himself by the advice of his physicians returned into England. He left the duke of Lancaster to govern the duchy of Acquitaine. T he duke of Lancaster took Mont-Paon. Bertrand du Guesclin took several places in Rouergue and elsewhere. The earl of Hereford defeated the Flem-ngs by sea at la Baie in Brittany, and the king of England made war by sea on the Flemings; but they of Bruges, Ypres and Gaunt sent into England to treat for a peace, which was made on certain conditions.


SUMMARY.-The king of Ma llorca was set free and made war on the king of Aragon. The duke of Lancaster married the eldest daughter of the king don Pedro of Castile, and king Henry of Castile made alliance with the king of France. The duke of Lancaster returned to England, leaving governours in Acquitaine. After the winter the king of England sent the earl of Pembroke into Poitou. The kingof France ordained a fleet of Spaniards to lie in wait for him at La Rochelle. The English were totally defeated in a sea fight (June 23, 1372) and the earl of Pembroke and sir Guichard d'Angle were made prisoners. -lit the same season Owen of Wales landed in Guernsey and defeated the English there. The earl of Pembroke and the other prisoners were brought to king Henry in Spain.


SUMMARY.-Bertrand du Guesclin took Montcontour and Sainte-Severe : Poitiers

Page 202 (Chronicles of Froissart)