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and tools the way to Navaret, and passed through a country called the country of the Gard,1 and when they were passed, then they came to a town called Viane. There the prince and the duke of Lancaster refreshed them, and the earl of Armagnac and the other lords, a two days. Then they went and passed the river that departeth Castile and Navarre at the bridge of Logrono among the gardens under the olives, and there they found a better country than they were in before; howbeit, they had great default of victual. ANd when that king Henry knew that the prince and his people were passed the river at Logrono, then he departed from Saint-Vincent, where he had long lain, and went and lodged before Nazres2 on the same river. When the prince heard that king Henry was approached, he was right joyous and said openly: 'By Saint George this bastard seemeth to be a valiant knight, sith he desireth so sore to find us. I trust we shall find each other shortly.' Then the prince called to him the duke of Lancaster his brother and divers other of his council, and then he wrote an answer to king Henry of the letter that he had sent him before, the tenour whereof followeth : ` Edward, by the grace of God prince of Wales and Acquitaine, to the right honourable and renowned Henry earl of Trastemar, who at this present time calleth himself king of Castile. Sith it is so that ye have sent to us your letters by your herald, wherein were contained divers articles, making mention how ye would gladly know why we take to our friend and lover your enemy our cousin the king don Peter, and by what title we make you war.and are entered with an army royal into Castile, we answer thereto: know ye for truth it is to sustain the right and to maintain reason, as it appertaineth to all ings and princes so to do, and also to entertain the great alliances that the king of England my dear father and king don

1 La Guardia.

2 Najara. The French text followed by the translator gives `Navaret' indiscriminately for Navaretta and Najara, which last is in the better MSS. given as Nazres. This causes great confusion in the narrative, for which of course the translator is not responsible. Where a distinction of some kind is necessary, as in the passage which says that the battle was fought between Najara and Navaretta, the text says `between Navarre and Navaret.'

Peter have had long together. And because ye are renowned a right valiant knight, we would gladly, an we could, accord you and him together; and we shall do so much to our cousin don Peter that ye shall have a great part of the realm of Castile, but as for the crown and heritage, ye must renounce. Sir, take counsel in this case; and as for our entering into Castile we will enter thereas we think best at our own pleasure. Written at Logrono the thirtieth day of March.' When this letter was written, it was closed and sealed, and delivered to the same herald that brought the other and had tarried for an answer more than three weeks. Then he departed from the presence of the prince, and rode so long that he came to Nazres, among the bushes' where king Henry was lodged, and drew to the king's lodging. And the most part of the great lords of the host came thither to hear what tidings their herald had brought. Then the herald kneeled down and delivered the king the letter from the prince. The king took and opened it and called to him sir Bertram of Guesclin and divers other knights of his council. There the letter was read and well considered. Then sir Bertram said to the king, `Sir, know for truth ye shall have battle shortly ; I know so well the prince. Therefore, sir, look well on the matter : it is necessary that ye take good heed to all your business, and order your people and your battles.' ` Sir Bertram,' quoth the king, `be it in the name of God. The puissance of the prince I doubt nothing, for I have three thousand barded horses, the which shall be two wings to our battle, and I have also seven thousand genetours, and well twenty thousand men of arms of the best that can be found in all Castile, Ga

Page 172 (Chronicles of Froissart)