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same place christened him, and the bishop of Agen in Agenois and the king of Mallorca were his godfathers. And this child had to name Richard, who was afterward king of England, as ye shall hear in this history. The Sunday after, the hour of prime, departed from Bordeaux the prince with great triumph, and all other men of war. Howbeit the most part of his host were passed on before and lay about the city of Ast in Gascoyne, and the prince the same Sunday at night came to the same city and there tarried a three days ; for then it was shewed him that the duke of Lancaster his brother was coming and had passed the sea a five days before and was arrived in Bretayne at Saint Matthew's of Fine-Pos. terne,' and so was come to Nantes, where the duke of Bretayne greatly feasted him. Then the duke of Lancaster passed through Poitou and Saintonge and came to Blaye, and there passed the river of Gironde and so came to Bordeaux and went to the abbey of Saint Andrew, where the princess lay, who joyously received him, and so did all other ladies and damosels that were there. Then the duke thought to tarry there no longer, but took his leave of his sister the princess and departed with all his company, and rode so long that he came to the city of Ast, where he found the prince his brother. They made great joy each of other, for they loved together entirely: there was great tokens of love shewed between them and their company. And anon after the duke of Lancaster's coming thither came the earl of Foix and made great reverence and cheer to the prince and to his brother, and offered himself in all points to be at their commandment. The prince, who could well honour all lords according to their estates, honoured him greatly and thanked him of his coming thither ; and after the prince gave him the charge of his couritry in his absence, desiring him to keep it well till his return. The earl joyously accorded to his desire, and then took leave and departed home into his country ; and the prince and the duke

1 Saint -Matthieu-de-Fine- terre, a Benedictine abbey at the extremity of Brittany. From the Latin name, Sanctus Matthaues de Fine postremo, Froissart has made `Saint-Mathieu-de-Fine-Pos- trine.'

of Lancaster his brother sported them in the city of Ast, and all their people spread abroad in the country about the entry of the passages of Navarre ; for as then they were not in certain if they should pass that way or not, yet the king of Navarre had promised to open his passages : for word;; ran through the host that newly he was agreed with the king Henry, whereof the prince and his council had great marvel and the king don Peter was right sore displeased. And in this mean season, while these words thus ran, sir Hugh Calverley and his people approached to Navarre and took the city of Miranda and the town of the Queen's Bridge,' whereof all the country was sore affrayed, the which tidings came to the king of Navarre. And when he perceived that these companions would enter into his land by force, he was sore displeased and wrote word thereof to the prince : and the prince let the matter pass briefly, because the king of Navarre, as he thought, kept not true promise with king don Peter. Then the prince wrote to him that be should excuse himself of the words that was laid on him ; for it was there openly said that he was clean turned to king Henry. And when the king of Navarre understood that treason was laid on him, then he was more angry than he was before. Then he sent a knight to the prince, called sir Martin Carra ; he came to the city of Ast to excuse the king of Navarre, and he demeaned himself so wisely that the prince was appeased of his displeasure, so that the same knight should return into Navarre to the king his master, causing him to come to Saint-John's de Pied-de-Port,2 and the prince to take counsel if be should go and speak with him, or else to send sufficient messengers to him. Thus this sir Martin Carra departed from the prince and returned into Navarre to the king, and shewed him how be had sped and in what condition

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