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the castle of Rolleboise for six thousand franks that he paid to the captain thereof, named Wauter, who returned again to Brabant from whence he came. Yet there were divers companions that held still sundry fortresses in Caux, Normandy, Perche, Beauce and in other places, the which did much hurt and trouble in the realm of France, some in the title of the king of Navarre and some in their own quarrel, to rob the country without reason or true title. The French king sent his brother the duke of Burgundy against these pillers, and so the duke made his summons in the city of Chartres. Then he drew into the field, and with him sir Bertram of Guesclin, sir Bouciquaut, the earl of Auxerre, sir Louis of Chalon, the lord of Beaujeu, sir Aymenion of Pommiers, sir Rayneval, the Begue of Villaines, sir Nicholas of Ligne, master of the cross-bows, sir Oudart of Renty, sir Enguerrand of Eudin, and to the number of five thousand fighting men. And when they saw they were so great a number, they divided in three parts, whereof sir Bertram of Guesclin with a thousand went toward Cotentin through the marches of Cherbourg to keep the frontiers there, that the Navarrois should do no hurt nor damage to the country of Normandy; and with him was the lord of Auxerre, the earl of Joigny, sir Arnold d'Audrehem, and many knights and squires of Bretayne and of Normandy. The second battle had the lord de la Riviere, and in his company divers knights and squires of France and of Picardy, and they were sent into the earldom of Evreux ; and the duke himself with the greatest company went and laid siege to Marchelainville, a strong castle Navarrois, and brought thither many engines from the city of Chartres, the which did cast day and night and did them within much trouble. and taken La Charite on the Loire. The duke of Burgundy and those with him took many towns and castles in Normandy, and at length besieged and took La Charite. In the mean time the earl of Montfort lay at siege before Auray in Brittany, and the king of France sent Bertrand du Guesclin and others to aid sir Charles of Blocs against him. Also to the earl of Montfort came sir John Chandos and other knights and squires of England.


How sir Charles of Blois came against the earl Montfort in ordinance of battle, and how sir John Chandos came against him, and how many were in each battle.

SUMMARY. Sir Charles of Blocs came to Auray with sir Bertrand du Guesclin and many others. Sir John Chandos was commander of the earl of Montfort's army, and by his means all attempts to make peace were frustrated. The battle was fought in a plain near to Auray on a Sunday morning (29th September 1364).


How sir John Chandos discomfited the battle of the earl of Auxerre, and how sir Bertram of Guesclin was discomfited and taken, and the lord Charles of Blois slain in the battle, and of the pitiful complaint that the earl Montfort made for his death.

SUMMARY.-The battle of Auray was won by the party of the earl of Montfort under sir John Chandos, and sir Charles of Blocs was slain.


Of the journey that the duke of Burgoyne made against the garrisons Navarrois, and of the succour that the French king sent to sir Charles of Blois.

SUMMARY.-The lord Louis of Navarre had overrun the Bourbonnais and Auvergne


Of the truce that was given to bury the dead after the battle of Auray, and how divers castles yielded up to the earl Montfort, and how he besieged Quimper-Cotentin.

SUMMARY.-The French party were greatly discouraged by this defeat, and the king of England was rejoiced, and so like-

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