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CORONATION OF CHARLES V., 1364 the place. This battle was in Normandy near to Cocherel on a Tuesday I the twentyfourth day of May 2 the year of our Lord MCCCLXIV. After this discomfiture and that all the dead were despoiled, and every man taking heed to his prisoners and dressing of them that were hurt, and that the most part of the Frenchmen were repassed the bridge and drawing to their lodging right sore travailed and weary, the same season sir Guy of Gauville, son to sir William of Gauville, was departed the same morning from the garrison of Conches with a fifty spears, to the intent to have come to the captal or the battle began, wherefore they made great haste and came to the place whereas the battle had been. Then the Frenchmen that were behind cried to their company saying, `Turn again, sirs, behold here cometh more of our enemies' : and sir Aymenion and his company were there ready, and when he saw the Navarrois, he set his standard a-high on a bush to cause the Frenchmen to draw thither. And when sir Guy heard them cry, `Our Lady, Guesclin !' and saw not the captal nor none of his company, but saw much people lie dead on the ground, then he perceived well that the Navarrois had been discomfited, and then he returned the same way he came. And that evening the Frenchmen took heed to their prisoners. Then there was much speaking and enquiring for the archpriest, when it was known that he was not at the battle, and his men excused him as well as they could. And the thirty that took the captal never ceased till they had brought him to the castle of Vernon. And the next day the Frenchmen dislodged and went to Rouen and there left part of their prisoners.


Of the coronation of king Charles the fifth.

On Trinity Sunday the year of our Lord a MCCCLXIV. king Charles, son and heir to king John, was crowned and sacred king

1 The original has `jeudy.' The translator more than once gives us `Tuesday' for 'jeudi' and 'Wednesday' for `mardi,' as in i. 189.

2 A better text gives xvi. here for xxiiii.

in the great church of our Lady in Rheims, and also the queen his wife, daughter to duke Peter of Bourbon, by the archbishop of the same place. And there was present king Peter of Cypre, the duke of Anjou, the duke of Burgoyne, sir Wenceslas of Bohemia, duke of Luxembourg and of Brabant, the earls of Eu and of Dammartin, of Tancarville and of Vaudemont, with many prelates and other lords, and in the city was great feasts and solemnities five days : then the king departed and went to Paris. It cannot be recounted in a whole clay the solemnities and great feasts that they of Paris made them. The lords returned into their own countries, such as had been there at the king's coronation. At the king's coming to Paris his youngest brother was put in possession of the duchy of Burgoyne, and so departed from Paris with a great number of men and went and took livery, seisin and homage of the barons, knights, cities, castles and good towns of the duchy of Burgoyne : and when he had visited his country, he returned to Paris. And the same season the archpriest appeased the king's displeasure by such excusations as he laid for himself, in that he was not at the journey of Cocherel, shewing how he might not be armed against the captal ; the which captal at the request of the lord d'Albret was let out of prison on his faith and troth, the which captal aided greatly to excuse the archpriest to the king and to other knights of France, such as spake evil of him: also he had as then newly overthrown in Burgoyne beside Dijon a four hundred companions and pillers of the country, whereof Guyot du Pin, Tallebart, Tallebardon and John of Chauffour were captains. The same season the king caused to be beheaded sir Peter Saquainville in the city of Rouen, because he was become Navarrois, and sir Gauville had been in the same case, an sir Guy his son had not been, who sent word to the king, that if he put to death his father, he would in like wise serve sir Braimon de Laval, a great lord of Bretayne, whom he had as pri

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