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had the better hand, and in part had all his intent against the two lords of Milan, of sir Galeas and sir Bernabo, who after reigned in great prosperity. So it fortuned that sir Seguin of Badefol, who was all that season in the garrison of Anse on the river of Saone, took by scaling a good city in Auvergne called Brioude, and therein he tarried more than ,a year and fortified it in such wise that he doubted nothing, and overran the country to Clermont, to Chilhac, to Puy, to Chaise-Dieu, to Montferrant, to Riom, to Nonnette, to Issoire, and to Vodables and the land of the count Dolphin,' the lord whereof was the same time in hostage in England, and in these countries he and his company did much evil; and when he had sore impoverished the country thereabout, then by treaty he departed and took with him great pillage and treasure and so went to Gascoyne, from whence he came first. Of this sir Seguin I can write no more, but that, as I heard recounted, he died marvellously: God forgive him all his trespasses. Amen.


SUMMARY.-Henry duke of Lancaster died, and the lord john, son of the king of England became duke in right of his wife. The pope Innocent VI. died and was succeeded by Urban V. The prince of Wales took the government of Acquitaine. The king of Cyprus went through the Empire and then to En,; land to get help for a crusade against the infidels. He returned through France and so to Acquitaine. King John of Frame came to London, where he fell sick and died. The duke of Normandy sent the marshal Bouciquaut to join sir Bertrand du Guesclin against the king of Navarre. They took Nantes and Meulan by stratagem. The captal of Buch became commander of the Navarrois.

1 The come dauphin d'Auvergne.


Here beginneth the feats of war done in the time of king Charles the V., whereof the beginning speaketh of the obsequy of king John and how the young king Charles was honourably crowned at Rheims, and of the great expenses that was done there; and of the beginning of the battle of Cocherel.

THus, as ye have heard before, the king of Cypre returned into France and came to Paris to the duke of Normandy, and there was the duke's brethren, the duke of Anjou and the lord Philip, who was after duke of Burgoyne, and all they tarried for the body of the king their father, the which was coming out of England; and the king of Cypre help them to complain the death of I the king and was marvellously displeased therewith, because of the hindering of his viage of the croisey, and so he clothed himself with the vesture of dolour. So the day came that the body of the French king approached to Paris, the which body was brought thither by the earl of Artois, the earl Dammartin and the great prior of France. The duke of Normandy and his brethren, the king of Cypre, and the most part of all the clergy of Paris went afoot and met with the body beyond SaintDenis in France, and there he was solemnly buried and the archbishop of Sens sang the mass : and after the service done and the dinner, the which was right noble, the lords and prelates returned to Paris and there they held a parliament and general council to determine how the realm should be ordered, for the realm might not long be without a king: and then it was counselled by the advice of the prelates and nobles of the realm that they should draw to the city of Rheims and there to crown the duke of Normandy, who as yet was called none otherwise ; and he wrote to his uncle Wenceslas duke of Brabant and of Luxembourg and also to the earl of Flanders, desiring them to be at his coronation on Trinity Sunday next coming. In the same season, while the lords made their purveyance for the king's coronation, the Frenchmen and Navarrois approached near together in Normandy ; for into the city of Evreux was come the captal of Buch,

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