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expired. War was carried on in Champagne by sir Euslace d'Aubrecicourt for the English, who was defeated and taken prisoner, 23rd June, at Nogent-sur-Seine. He was afterwards ransomed by the Fnglish garrisons of Champagne and became their captain. The brigands that held fortresses in France began marvellously to decline. A treaty of peace agreed to in London by the kings of France and England was rejected by the duke of Normandy and the estates. The king of England prepared to invade France. Sir Robert Knolles rode through Berry and Auvergne towards Avignon, pursued by the earl of Forez with a large force, but he escaped them and went into Limousin.


SUMMARY. -Certain knights of the Empire came to join the king of England at Calais and rode into France with the duke of Lancaster, who came before the king. - At All Saints they returned and met the English host marching in fine array, with the king and the prince of Wales. The king, rode through Artois and Picardy, and so to Rheims, where he laid a siege. The king of Navarre quarrelled with the duke of Normandy and made war upon him. At length the king of England left the siege of Rheims, and going into Burgundy lay at Guillon till after midLent. He then made a composition with the duke of Burgundy and retired towards Paris, encamping at Bourg-la-Reine. The duke of Normandy refused battle, and the king retired towards Chartres. On the way negotiations were carried on for peace, and at length terms were arranged at Bretigny near Chartres.1 On payment of 600, 00o franks and delivery of hostages the French king was released, and then went on foot in pilgrimage from Calais to Boulogne in company with the prince of Wales and' his two brothers, Lionel and Edmund. Delivery was made of the ceded provinces and the kin,; of England ordered his garrisons to leave their holds. These garrisons The documents connected with the peace of Bretigny are given very incompletely and confusedly in the text which the translator followed. formed companies to plunder the country and the lord Jacques of Bourbon was sent against them. The companies drew together and marched towards Lyons.


How the lord James of Bourbon and his company were discomfited by the companions, and how the pope made to be cried a croisey, after these companions had taken the Bridge Saint-Esprit, and of the answer that they made.

THE men of war thus assembled with the lord of Bourbon being at Lyons understood that the rout of the companions approached fast towards them, and had won the town and castle of Brignais and divers other holds, and how they sore wasted and exiled the country. These tidings greatly displeased the lord of Bourbon, because he had the governing of the earl of Forez' land and of his son's his nephew's.1 Then they went into the field and saw well how they were a great number of men of arms, knights and squires, and so they sent out their currours to know what their enemies did and where they were and where they should be found. Now shall I shew you the great malice of these companions, who were lodged on a mountain, and there they had such a place that they could not be descried nor aviewed, and specially the chief of them, who were best harnessed, for the residue, who were worst harnessed, arranged along, on the hill-side and suffered the French currours to approach near to them and to return again without any damage to the lord James of Bourbon, the earl d' Uzes, sir Raynold of Forez and to the other French company, to whom they reported as they had seen and said: `Sirs, we have seen yonder company your enemies and to our powers well advised them, and all things seen and considered, to our estimation they pass not a five or six thousand persons and marvellously evil harnessed. And when the lord of Bourbon heard that report, he said to the archpriest : ` Sir, ye have told me or this that they were to the 1 Froissart says, `because he had the governance of the county of Forez, his nephews' land.'

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