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king was removed from the Savoy to the castle of Windsor, and all his household, and went a-hunting and a-hawking thereabout at his pleasure, and the lord Philip his son with him: and all the other prisoners abode still at London and went to see the king at their pleasure and were received all only on their faiths.


SUMMARY.-The king of Scotland, who had been a prisoner in England more than nine years, was delivered by treaty. The duke of Lancaster raised an army to aid the countess of Montfort in May 1357, and laid siege to Rennes. During this siege a young bachelor named Bertrand du Guesclin fought with sir Nicholas Dagworth an Englishman. Sir William de Gauville won back the castle of Evreux for the king of Navarre. At this time there was a company of armed men in Provence led by Arnold de Cervolles, called the archpriest, with whom the pope and cardinals fell in treaty for fear that Avignon should be plundered; another between the Loire anti Seine had one Ruffin (Griffith) for their captain; and in Normandy there was a company of Eng-lish and Navarrois under sir Robert Knolles. regent of France was in the palace of Paris with many noblemen and prelates with him. The provost then assembled a great number of the commons of Paris, such as were of his opinion, and all they ware hats of one colour, to the intent to be known. The provost came to the palace with his men about him and entered into the duke's chamber, and there eagerly he desired him that he would take on him the meddling of the business of the realm of France, that the realm, the which pertained to him by inheritance, might be better kept, and that such companions as goeth about the realm wasting, robbing and pilling the same might be subdued. The duke answered how he would gladly intend thereto, if he had wherewith, and said they that receive the profit and the rights pertaining to the realm ought to do it, if it be clone or not I report me.' So they multiplied such words between them that three of the greatest of the duke's council were there slain so near him, that his clothes were all bloody with their blood and he himself in great peril but there was set one of their hats on his head and he was fain there to pardon the death of his three knights, two of arms and the third of the law, the one called the lord Robert of Clermont, a right noble man, another the lord of Conflans, and the knight of the law the lord Simon of Bucy.


How the provost of the merchants of Paris slew three knights in the regent's chamber.


How the king of Navarre came out of prison.

AFTER this foresaid adventure certain knights, as the lord John of Picquigny and other, under the comfort of the provost of Paris and of other councillors of the good towns, came to the strong castle of Arleux in Palluel, in Picardy, where the king of Navarre was in prison under the keeping of IN this season that the three estates thus ruled, there rose in divers countries certain manner of people calling themselves companions, and they made war to every man. The noblemen of the realm of France and the prelates of holy Church began to wax weary of the rule and ordinance of the three estates, and so gave up their rule and suffered the provost of the merchants to meddle with some of the burgesses of Paris, because they meddled farther than they were pleased withal.' So on a clay- the r ' Mais celui qui faisoit lever les profits et les droitures appartenans au royaulme le devoit faire, s'il le fist, je ne spay pourquoi ne comment cc fut, mais les paroles moultiplyerent tant,' etc. The punctuation and reading are doubtful, but probably it should be, 'he that levied the profits and rights belonging to the realm ought to do it; so let him do it.' The translator's expression, 'If it be done or not, I report me,' is quite unintelligible. 1 ' So they suffered the provost of the merchants We may observe, however, that the same expresand some of the burgesses of Paris to deal as they sion occurs again (ii. 91) : ' I report me if I have

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