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Gascoyne with him. The French king was in a vessel by himself, to be the more at his ease, accompanied with two hundred men of arms and two thousand archers ; for it was skewed the prince that the three estates by whom the realm of France was governed had laid in Normandy and Crotoy two great armies, to the intent to meet with him and to get the French king out of his hands, if they might ; but there were no such that appeared, and yet they were on the sea eleven days, and on the twelfth day they arrived at Sandwich. Then they issued out of their ship and lay there all that night and tarried there two days to refresh them, and on the third day they rode to Canterbury. When the king of England knew of their coming, he commanded them of AFTER the death of this knight sir Godfrey London to prepare them and their city to of Harcourt, the Frenchmen returned to receive such a man as the French king was. Coutances with their prisoners and pillage, Then they of London arrayed themselves and anon after they went into France to by companies and the chief mesters [with] the duke of Normandy, who as then was clothing different [each] from the other. called regent of France, and to the three At Saint Thomas of Canterbury the French estates, who received them right honour- king and the prince made their offerings ably. So from thenceforth Saint-Saviour- and there tarried a day, and then rode to le-Viconte was English and all the lands Rochester and tarried there that day, and pertaining to sir Godfrey of Harcourt, for the next day to Dartford and the fourth he had sold it to the king of England after day to London, where they were honourhis decease and disherited the lord Louis ably received, and so they were in every of Harcourt his nephew, because he would good town as they passed. The French not take his part. As soon as the king of king rode through London on a white England heard tidings of the death of the courser well apparelled, and the prince on lord Godfrey of Harcourt, he was sorry a little black hobby by him. Thus he was thereof: then he sent incontinent men of conveyed along the city, till he came to the arms, knights, squires and archers more Savoy, the which house pertained to the than three hundred by sea to go and take heritage of the duke of Lancaster. There possession for him of Saint- Saviour -le- the French king kept his house a long Viconte, the which was worth thirty season, and thither came to see him the thousand franks by year, and made captain king and the queen oftentimes and made of those lands the lord John Lisle. The him great feast and cheer. Anon after by three estates all that season studied on the the commandment of pope Innocent the ordinance of the realm of France, and it sixth there came into England the lord was all governed by them. Talleyrand, cardinal of Perigord, and the lord The same winter the prince of Wales Nicholas, cardinal of Urgel : they treated for and such of England as were with him at a peace between the two kings, but they Bordeaux ordained for ships to convey the could bring nothing to effect, but at last by French king and his son and all other good means they procured a truce between prisoners into England. And when the the two kings and all their assisters, to time of his departure approached, then he endure till the feast of Saint John the commanded the lord d'Albret, the lord of Baptist in the year of our Lord God Mussidan, the lord de Lesparre, the lord of MCCCLIX ; and out of this truce was Pommiers and the lord of Rauzan to keep excepted the lord Philip of Navarre and his the country there till his return again. allies, the countess of Montfort and the Then he took the sea, and certain lords of I duchy of Bretayne. Anon after the French


SUMMARY.-The three estates received all taxes and coined new gold money called ` moutons.' They desired the duke of Normandy to set free the king of Navarre, but he would not. Then, seeing that Godfrey de Harcourt made war in Normandy, they sent a body of men to Coutances, where he was defeated and slain.

Page 133 (Chronicles of Froissart)