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his knights and with the Frenchmen, and Genevieve near to Saint-Germain in Laye, he was bare-headed saving a chaplet of fine Jane countess of Boulogne, sometime wife pearls that he ware on his head. Then to the lord Philip, son to the duke Eudes the king went from one to another of the of Burgoyne, the which lord Philip died Frenchmen, and when he came to sir before Aiguillon a three year before that Geoffrey of Charny, a little he changed she was daughter of the earl William of his countenance and looked on him and Boulogne and of the daughter of Louis earl said: `Sir Geoffrey, by reason I should of Evreux. This lady held in her hands love you but a little, when ye would steal the duchy of Burgoyne and the counties of by night from me that thing which I have Artois, Boulogne, Auvergne and divers so dearly bought and hath cost me so other lands. much good. I am right joyous and glad that I have taken you with the proof.' Ye would have a better market than I have had, when ye thought to have Calais for twenty thousand crowns; but God hath holpen me and ye have failed of your purpose.' And therewith the king went from him, and he gave never a word to answer. Then the king came to sir Eustace of Ribemont, and joyously to him he said : ` Sir Eustace, ye are the knight in the world that I have seen most valiant assail his enemies and defend himself; nor I never found knight that ever gave me so much ado, body to body, as ye have done this day: wherefore I give you the prize above all the knights of my court by right sentence.' Then the king took the chaplet that was upon his head, being both fair, goodly and rich, and said: `Sir Eustace, I give you this chaplet for the best doer in arms in this journey past of either party, and I desire you to bear it this year for the love of me. I know well ye be fresh and amorous, and oftentimes be among ladies and damosels. Say wheresoever ye come that I did give it you, and I quit you your prison and ransom and ye shall depart to-morrow, if it please you.' 2 The same year a thousand three hundred XLIX king Philip of France wedded his second wife, the Wednesday the twentyninth day of January, dame Blanche, daughter to king Philip of Navarre, who died in Spain: she was of the age of eighteen year or thereabout. Also the nineteenth day of February next after, in the beginning of Lent,3 the duke of Normandy the king's eldest son wedded his second wife at Saint1 `A l'epreuve.' 2 The printed text followed by the translator is here incomplete. The reply of Eustace de. Ribemont and other matters are omitted. 3'Qui fut le jour de Karesme prenant,' i.e. Ash-Wednesday. of Wales made an expedition to Carcassonne


Of the death of king Philip of France, and of the coronation of his son John.

SUMMARY.-King Philip died 22nd August 1350 and his son John was crowned 26th September. The earl of Eu and Guines was beheaded, and Charles of Spain made constable of France. In the next year was founded the fraternity of the Star, and there was also a great dearth throughout all France.


How the king of Navarre made sir Charles of Spain, constable of France, to be slain.

SUMMARY. -In the year 13 the duke of Lancaster should have fought with the duke of Brunswick at Paris on the 4th of September, but the king of France made peace between them in the lists. Pope Clement VI. died 6th December and was succeeded by Stephen Aubert, called Innocent VI. In the year 1353 the king Charles of Navarre, earl of Evreux, caused to be slain at Aigle in Normandy the lord Charles of Spain, constable of France. For this deed he excused himself to the king of France, and at length they were reconciled.


Of an imposition and gabelle ordained in France by the three estates for the feats of the wars.

SUMMARY.-In the year 1355, theprince

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