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the answer of the Flemings, heard how they of Gaunt had slain Jaques d'Arteveld his great friend, he was sore displeased. Incontinent he departed from Slays and entered into the sea, sore threatening the Flemings and the country of Flanders, and said how his death should be well revenged. Then the counsels of the good towns of Flanders imagined well how the king of England would be sore displeased with this deed : then they determined to go and excuse themselves, specially they of Bruges, Ypres, Courtray, Oudenarde and of [the] Franc. They sent into England to the king for a safe-conduct, that they might come to their excuse: the king, who was as then somewhat assuaged of his displeasure, granted their desire. Then there came into England men of estate out of the good towns of Flanders, except of Gaunt. This was about the feast of Saint Michael, and the king being at Westminster beside London. There they so meekly excused them of the death of Jaques d'Arteveld, and sware solemnly that they knew nothing thereof till it was done; if they had, he was the man they would have defended to the best of their powers ; and said how they were right sorry of his death, for he bad governed the country right wisely; and also they said that though they of Gaunt had done that deed, they should make a sufficient amends, also saying to the king and his council that, though he be dead, yet the king was never the farther off from the love and favour of them of Flanders in all things except the inheritance of Flanders, the which in no wise they of Flanders will put away from the right heirs ; saying also to the king : ` Sir, ye have fair issue, both sons and daughters. As for the prince of Wales your eldest son, he cannot fail but to be a great prince without the inheritance of Flanders. Sir, ye have a young daughter, and we have a young lord, who is heritor of Flanders; we have him in our keeping: may it please you to make a marriage between them two, so ever after the county of Flanders shall be in the issue of your child.' These words and such other appeased the king, and finally was content with the Flemings and they with him; and so little and little the death of Jaques d'Arteveld was forgotten.


Of the death of William earl of Hainault, who died in Frise, and many with him.

IN the same season the earl William of Hainault, being at siege before the town of Utrecht, and there had lien a long season, he constrained them so sore, what by assaults and otherwise, that finally he had his pleasure of them. And anon after in the same season, about the feast of Saint Remy, the same earl made a great assembly of men of arms, knights and squires of Hainault, Flanders, Brabant, Holland, Gueldres and Juliers; the earl and his company departed from Dordrecht in Holland with a great navy of ships, and so sailed towards Frise ; for the earl of Hainault claimed to be lord there : and if the Frisons had been men to have brought to reason, the earl indeed had there great right ; but there he was slain, and a great number of knights and squires with him.' Sir John of Hainault arrived not there with his nephew, for he arrived at another place; and when he heard of the death of his nephew, like a man out of his mind he would have fought with the Frisons, but his servants, and especially sir Robert of Glennes, who as then was his squire, did put him into his ship again against his will. And so he returned again with a small company and came to Mount Saint Gertrude' in Holland, where the lady his niece was, wife to the said earl, named Joan, eldest daughter to the duke of Brabant : and then she went to the land of Binche, the which was her endowry. Thus the county of Hainault was void a certain space, and sir John of Hainault did govern it unto the time that Margaret of Hainault, mother to the duke Albert, came thither and took possession of that heritage, and all lords and other did to her fealty and homage. This lady Margaret was married to the lord Louis of Bavier, emperor of Almaine and king of [the] Romans. This defeat was at Stav

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