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des Baux their captain said to his company `Sirs, we be undermined, so that we are in great danger.' Then they were all sore afraid, and said: Sir, ye are in a great danger, and we also, without ye find some remedy: ye are our chief and we will obey you truly. We have kept this house right honourably a long season, and though we now make a composition, we cannot be blamed. Assay if ye can get grant of the earl of Derby to let us depart, our lives and goods saved, and we to deliver to him this castle.' Then sir Agot descended down from the high tower and did put out his head at a little window and made a token to speak with some of the host. Then be was demanded what he would have: he said he would fain speak with the earl of Derby or with the lord of Manny. When the earl knew thereof, he said to the lord of Manny and the lord Stafford: ` Let us go to the fortress and know what the captain will say.' Then they rode together, and when sir Agot saw them, be took off his cap and saluted them, each after other, and said: ` Lords, it is of truth that the French king sent me to this town to defend and to keep it, and the castle, to my power ; and ye know right well how I have acquit myself in that behalf, and yet would if I might : but always a man may not abide in one place. Sir, if it will please you, I and all my company would depart, our lives and goods saved, and we shall yield unto you the fortress.' Then the earl of Derby said : `Sir Agot, ye shall not go so away: we'know right well we have so sore oppressed you, that we may have you when we list; for your fortress standeth but upon stays. Yield you simply, and we will receive you.' Sir Agot said ` Sir, if we did so, I think in you so much honour and gentleness, that ye would deal but courteously with us, as ye would the French king should deal with any of your knights. For God's sake, sir, blemish not your nobleness for a poor sort of soldiers that be here within, who bath won with much pain and peril their poor living, whom I have brought hither out of Provence, of Savoy, and out of Dauphiny. Sir, know for truth that if the least of us should not come to mercy, as well as the best, we will rather sell our lives in such wise that all the world should speak of us. Sir, we desire you to bear us some company of arms, and we shall pray for you.' Then the earl and the other two lords went apart and spake together. They spake long together of divers things : finally they regarded the truth of sir Agot, and considered how he was a stranger, and also they saw that they could not undermine the donjon, [and so] they agreed to receive them to mercy. Then the earl said to sir Agot ` Sir, we would gladly to all strangers bear good company of arms. I am content that ye and all your company depart with your lives saved, so that you bear away nothing but your armour.' 'So be it,' quoth sir Agot. Then he went to his company and shewed them how he had sped. Then they did on their harness and took their horses, whereof they had no more but six. Some bought horses of the Englishmen, the which they paid for truly. Thus sir Agot des Baux departed from the Reole and yielded up the castle to the Englishmen, and sir Agot and his company went to Toulouse.


SUMMARY. -The earl of Derby took Monpezat by assault, and Castelmoron by strategy. Thence he departed and took Villefranche and other towns and castles, and received the submission of Angouleme. 1 Finally he retired to Bordeaux for the winter.


How sir Godfrey Harcourt was banished out of France.

IN this season sir Godfrey of Harcourt fell in the indignation of the French king, who was a great baron in Normandy and brother to the earl of Harcourt, lord of Saint-Saviour the Viscount and divers other towns in Normandy: and it was said all was but for envy, for a little before he was as great with the king and with the duke of Normandy as he would desire ; but he was as then openly banished the realm of

1 The capture of Angouleme is omitted in Froissart's last revision, and seems in fact t

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