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How sir Walter of Manny found in the town of the Reole the sepulchre of his father.

WHILE this siege endured and that the miners were a-work, the lord Gaultier of Manny remembered how that his father was slain going a pilgrimage to Saint James, and how he heard in his youth how he should be buried in the Reole or thereabout. Then he made it to be enquired in the town, if there were any man could shew him his father's tomb, he should have a hundred crowns for his labour: and there was an aged man came to sir Gaultier and said ` Sir, I think I can bring you near to the place where your father was buried.' Then the lord of Manny said: ` If your words be true, I shall keep covenant and more.' Now ye shall hear the manner how the lord Gaultier's father was slain. It was true that sometime there was a bishop in Cambresis, a Gascon born of the house of Mirepoix : and so it fortuned that in his days there was at a time a great tourneying before Cambray, whereas there were five hundred knights on both parties. And there was a knight Gascon tourneyed with the lord of Manny, father to sir Gaultier, and this knight of Gascoyne was so sore hurt and beaten, that he had never health after, but died. This knight was of kin to the said bishop ; wherefore the lord of Manny was in his indignation and of all his lineage. A two or three year after certain good men laboured to make peace between them, and so they did: and for amends the lord of Manny was bound to go a pilgrimage to Saint James. And so he went thitherward ; and as he came forby the town of Reole, the same season the earl Charles of Valois, brother to king Philip, lay at siege before the Reole, the which as then was English, and divers other towns and cities, then pertaining to the king of England, father to the king that laid siege to Tournay : so that the lord of Manny, after the returning of his pilgrimage, he came to see the earl of Valois, who was there as king. And as the lord of Manny went at night to his lodging, he was watched by the way by certain of them of the lineage of him that the lord of Manny had made his pilgrimage for, and so without the earl's lodging he was slain and murdered, and no man knew who did it. Howbeit they of that lineage were held suspect in the matter, but they were so strong and made such excuses, that the matter passed, for there was none that would pursue the lord of Manny's quarrel. Then the earl of Valois caused him to be buried in a little chapel in the field, the which as then was without the town of Reole ; and when the earl of Valois had won the town, then the walls were made more larger, so that the chapel was within the town. Thus was sir Gaultier of Manny's father slain ; and this old man remembered all this matter, for he was present when he was buried. Then sir Gaultier of Manny went with this good aged man to the place whereas his father was buried, and there they found a little tomb of marble over him, the which his servants laid on him after he was buried. Then the old man said : ` Sir, surely under this tomb lieth your father.' Then the lord of Manny read the scripture on the tomb, the which was in Latin, and there he found that the old man had said truth, and gave him his reward. And within two days after he made the tomb to be raised and the bones of his father to be taken up and put in a coffer, and after did send them to Valenciennes in the county of Hainault, and in the Friars there made them to be buried again honourably, and did there his obsequy right goodly, the which is yet kept yearly.


How the earl of Derby won the castle of the Reole.

Now let us return to the siege about the castle of the Reole, the which had endured eleven weeks. So long wrought the miners that at last they came under the base court, but under the donjon they could not get, for it stood on a hard rock.2 Then sir Agot

1 `Then sir Walter of Manny caused the inscription, which was in Latin, to be read by a cleric of his.'

2 ` So long wrought the miners . . that they came beneath the castle and so fa

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